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    Dr. Greger: An official International Society of Sports Nutrition position paper covering keto diets notes the “ergolytic” effects of keto diets on both high- and low-intensity workouts. Ergolytic is the opposite of ergogenic. Ergogenic means performance-boosting, whereas ergolytic means athletic performance-impairing.

    For non-athletes, ketosis may also undermine exercise efforts. Ketosis was correlated with increased feelings of perceived effort and fatigue and mood disturbances during physical activity, suggesting that the ability and desire to maintain sustained exercise might be adversely impacted in individuals adhering to ketogenic diets for weight loss.

    I already mentioned the shrinkage of measured muscle size among CrossFit trainees. So, a ketogenic diet may not just blunt the performance of endurance athletics, but strength training as well. Have people do eight weeks of all the standard upper and lower body training protocols—bench press, pull-ups, squats, deadlifts, and, no surprise, you boost muscle mass—unless you’re on a keto diet, in which case there was no significant change in muscle mass after all that effort. Those randomized to the non-ketogenic diet added about three pounds of muscle, whereas the same amount of weightlifting on the keto diet tended to subtract muscle—an average loss of about 3.5 ounces of muscle. How else could you do eight weeks of weights and not gain a single ounce of muscle, but on a ketogenic diet? Even keto diet advocates call bodybuilding on a ketogenic diet an “oxymoron.”

    What about bone loss? Sadly, bone fractures are one of the side effects that disproportionately plagues children placed on ketogenic diets, along with growth stunting and kidney stones. Ketogenic diets may cause a steady rate of bone loss, as measured in the spine, presumed to be because ketones are acidic; and so, keto diets can put people in what’s called a “chronic acidotic state.”

    More at NutritionFacts: Keto Diets: Muscle Growth & Bone Density.

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    This is the sixth in a seven-video series on Ketogenic Diets.

    If you are interested in vegan or whole food plant based diets check out Go Whole Food Vegan by a local SMA vegan and The Vegan Wave SMA (Facebook).

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