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    I am delighted to extend this invitation to a weekly writing workshop series entitled “Spiritual Autobiography that will take place at d St Paul’s Church.

    What may those interested expect in this workshop?

    I will give participants an open-ended prompt --- “a memory that won’t let you go,” for instance. In my experience as a group leader, this sort of prompt usually bring the writer right to what is most urgent in each life, even if the writer had not been fully aware of the urgency. That is the place where grace surely seem to reside. I will be asking participants to take deep dives into their own experience and allow the stories that are asking to be told to emerge. In my experience, gems of insight are likely to appear seemingly out of nowhere

    Each week participants will be asked to work with prompts in preparation for our next meeting where anyone who wishes will read his/her/their work aloud. There may be some writing together as a group, but most of our time will be spent lingering over the writing of participants and honoring it.

    The series will meet for 90 minutes each Monday at 1 p.m. and ask participants for a 4 week commitment, which could be renewed. The workshop will be ongoing.

    Suggested Donation: $160 US

    . Who am I?

    After a few decades as a widely published journalist working in refugee camps, and subsequently covering the arts, education, and issues of faith,(www.elizabethhanly.com) after another decade of teaching award-winning Creative Nonfiction etal at the Honors College at the large public university in South Florida, a course where students regularly tackled issues of loss ( the murder of a father, the death of a friend at the Parkland shooting, etal) I've come to understand just how valuable writing can be towards ---dare I use the word "healing.”

    I've found myself increasing drawn to the "grace" that witnessing one's own story can bring. I have been honored to mentor a dozen folks with NYC's Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center's Visible Ink writing program. I've led several group writing workshops for patients there as well.

    The San Miguel community may recognize my name both as an instructor at the Literary Sala and as a popular summer-time writing workshop leader here in town. Susan Page has high praise for my work.

    For more information, please contact Elizabeth Hanly at .
  • Reminder Bunny
    Reminder: This is happening Monday September 26.
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