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    Mexican street food is an essential component of our cultural identity. Its importance is such that delicacies such as taco and tamales have already become symbols that represent us internationally.

    And in the immense labyrinth of flavors that are Mexican “garnachas”, the taco is the undisputed king. But among all the types of tacos there are, which one will be the favorite? What is the most beloved taco of all? Finally, we have the answer, ingeniously illustrated in the “tacography” a delicious infographic that has solved the maximum question. It’s about the taco al pastor; This is the one that most Mexicans want.

    The news is interesting because if there is a sign of migration, cultural exchange and openness, that should be the taco al pastor. Born thanks to the Lebanese migrants in Puebla who adapted their traditional shawarma of lamb to the taste of Mexicans (now made with pork and richly seasoned), this taco is one that you can find throughout the country. Maybe this is the definitive test and if you think you are not an “open” person, now you know that your taste buds are.

    More at: What is Mexico’s Favorite Taco and it 60 variations (see this “tacography”).

    Netflix Taco Chronicles
    Each episode analyzes each taco variety, its origin, and history, and tells you where to get some delicious tacos. The series is in Spanish with English subtitles available. Episode #1 is Tacos al Pastor.
    Netflix pays homage to tacos

    Netflix Taco Chronicles

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