• Glenn Wilson

    Dr. Greger: The new data is said to debunk “some, if not all, of the popular claims made for extreme carbohydrate restriction.” But what about ketones suppressing your hunger? In the tightly-controlled metabolic ward study where the ketogenic diet made things worse, everyone was made to eat the same number of calories. So yes, eat the same number of calories on a keto diet, and lose less body fat, but out in the real world, maybe all those ketones would spoil your appetite enough that you’d end up eating significantly less overall. On a low-carb diet, people ended up storing 300 more calories of fat every day. But outside the laboratory, if you were in a state of ketosis, maybe you could offset that if you were able to sustainably eat significantly less.

    Paradoxically, people may experience less hunger on a total fast compared to an extremely low-calorie diet. This may be thanks to ketones; in this state of ketosis, when you have high levels of ketones in your bloodstream, your hunger is dampened. How do we know it’s the ketones? Because if you inject ketones straight into people’s veins, even those who are not fasting lose their appetite, sometimes even to the point of getting nauseated and vomiting. So, ketones can explain why after a few days you might feel hungrier on a low-calorie diet than on a total zero-calorie diet (a fast).

    Can we then exploit the appetite-suppressing effects of ketosis by eating a ketogenic diet? If you ate so few carbs to sustain brain function, couldn’t you trick your body into thinking you’re fasting, and get your liver to start pumping out ketones? Sure! But is it safe, and is it effective?
    More at NutritionFacts: Is Weight Loss on Ketosis Sustainable?

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    This is the fourth in a seven-video series on Ketogenic Diets.

    If you are interested in vegan or whole food plant based diets check out Go Whole Food Vegan by a local SMA vegan and The Vegan Wave SMA (Facebook).

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  • Zoe
    Real world here, It worked for me.

    About 15 years ago I began a different life style. So far I have lost about 70 pounds. It is NOT true that older people can't lose weight ... nor that you can't keep it off.

    I ate differently and walked a lot more, I went down 50 pounds … it stayed there … and then gradually drifted up about 15 pounds.

    That is when I discovered and fell in love with … high fat, low carb, intermittent fasting. With that the weight came off easily. And there is more to go.

    I love eating this way. I feel better. Losing weight is painless. Yes, you have to get used to this. You don’t just jump in and succeed. But once your body is accustomed to using fat for fuel it is easy peasy to go in and out of ketosis.

    When you are in you not only are not hungry … you are full of energy and rather happy.

    The intermittent fasting goes along with this. I do a bullet proof coffee in the morning, which for the uninitiated is coffee with butter and either coconut oil or MCT OIL. After that I keep the eating to a window … which for me is 11:00 am to about 5:00 pm.

    This allows all sorts of neat things to happen. I feel so much better than I did say 25 years ago.

    I am not normally in ketosis. But it also isn’t the SAD. It is sugar and grain free. Processed food free. Oodles of veggies and fat. I choose fruit in season, but I don’t lose weight then. And once a week you eat anything you want.

    We are going into the holiday season when it is colder. Because fruit is not in season I will probably, unlike most, lose a bit more weight.

    You can read all about this way of eating here.

  • Glenn Wilson
    "I am not normally in ketosis. But it also isn’t the SAD. It is sugar and grain free. Processed food free."

    So yours is a low-carb diet but not actually ketogenic? As the video says:

    After all, the four largest calorie contributors in the American diet are refined grains, added fats, meat, and added sugars. Low-carb diets cut down on 1 and 4, and low-fat diets tend to cut down on 2 and 3. So they both tell people to cut down on doughnuts. Any diet that does that already has a leg up. ...

    Keto compliance may be more in theory than practice, though. Even in studies where ketogenic diets are being used to control seizures, after a few months dietary compliance may drop to under 50 percent. This can be tragic for those with intractable epilepsy, but for everyone else, the difficulty in sticking to ketogenic diets long-term may actually be a lifesaver. I’ll talk about keto diet safety next.
    Dr. Greger
  • Zoe
    OK. Admittedly I go in and out of ketosis. Ketosis did get my weight down. Painlessly. It's also true; I don't live there.

    If I want to drop some weight ... or even to get really happy and not hungry ... I will do the keto. Which, because I have been doing this for a while, is easy. Unlike traditional diets, it is painless.
    I do know that when I get into ketosis I want to stay there. I often choose to do this when traveling because it minimizes food hassles. I carry hard boiled eggs, olives, celery, coconut oil. So I'm not hungry. And I don't feel bad from eating the usual choices available.

    But then life happens.

    So I go back to my maintenance way of eating. Developed by me. Because it works for me. And makes sense to me.

    It has a good amount of fat and a lot of green veggies. Definitely no donuts. As often as I can I "mainline chlorophyll". Meaning, I have a dual auger juicer and juice just about anything green Then I add spirulina and bee pollen.

    I seriously doubt anyone has studied a diet like this. Except me!!!
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