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    Here in San Miguel, we are often so focused on the presence of arsenic and fluoride in our water, that we overlook the harsh reality one day water may completely run out. The World Resources Institute recently published a jolting study (read articles here, here, and, here) that found many states in Mexico are at high risk of reaching Day Zero. That is to say, there will not be enough water to support the needs of people living in these areas.

    The State of Guanajuato – particularly the area of our watershed, which includes the municipality of San Miguel de Allende and six others – consumes 80% or more of our available water resources per year, which in turn causes extreme hydraulic stress. On a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 is “Day Zero,” or the point when a given region can completely run out of water, Guanajuato registers at 4.94 – the second-highest in Mexico and among the highest in the world. ...

    It is time to start thinking bigger. But first, we must begin to examine what is happening in our watershed. 680,000 people, living in several small to medium-sized cities and more than 2,500 rural communities, share our watershed, which encompasses an area of approximately 6,800 square kilometers. Each year our water table declines 2 to 4 meters. This causes wells to dry up or, in some cases, collapse in on themselves. This is becoming an all too common phenomenon and forces us to go deeper and deeper to reach dwindling water resources. Many communities are already at that point where water has to be transported by vehicles that bring it from neighboring communities or wells.

    Read more at Caminos de Agua: Can We Prevent Day Zero?

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