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    Alfredo S. Lanier wrote: After two years of helplessly watching several evergreens and cedars in our ranch, some as tall as 20 feet, suddenly brown up and die, we may have found a cure. Yesterday, our eagle-eyed gardener Ulises showed me a frond from a Michoacán pine whose long needles seemed to be infested with reddish somethings the size of fleas.

    His discovery was both alarming and reassuring: Though we may have spotted the culprit, it may have infected a couple of our Michoacán pines, very graceful, bushy evergreens with long needles that dance at the slightest breeze. They are not very common in the state of Guanajuato, and of all the trees we have, they are the ones I least want to lose.

    Sample in hand I went to El Surco, an agricultural products store in town, where a young, thin guy ran off to consult with someone and excitedly returned with an answer. It must have been his first day on the job. ...

    There is more from Life at Rancho Santa Clara: A cure for what's killing our evergreen trees? More #RanchoSantaClara.

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