• Sarah Ash
    SkyMed is the most comprehensive and flexible medical evacuation plan for snowbirds and ex-pats to use as a bridge back to their Medicare, VA, or Canadian Provincial insurance. SkyMed offers all members, with a serious or critical diagnosis, evacuation via private air ambulance, commercial + nurse escort, or commercial flights depending on the medical condition of the member. Many members receive commercial flights for serious conditions that require immediate treatment but for which they have not required local hospitalization. No other plan covers such situations.

    An all-important, huge SkyMed difference: Evacuation is by MEMBER'S CHOICE, not limited to only when "medically necessary" as with travel insurance, health insurance, or other look-alike plans, and evacuation is to HOME HOSPITAL OF CHOICE, not limited to "nearest adequate medical facility" as with other plans.

    Another huge SkyMed Difference: SkyMed states in writing that they cover ALL of Mexico. Other plans restrict services in Level 3 or 4 areas, as designated by the US State Department. Until recently ALL of Mexico was Level 4 so other companies could refuse to assist their members here! You have no control over these Travel Warnings and Restrictions but you can make sure you have an evacuation plan that really does cover you here in Mexico!

    Many other SkyMed features and services mean that SkyMed outperforms any other plan:

    * Guaranteed renewal and lifetime rate protection are available with on-time future renewals

    * Return flights to Mexico up to 60 days after discharge from hospital or final treatment

    * Visitor Transportation from Day 1 in the Hospital

    * Helicopter & Ground Ambulance

    * Vehicle and Pet return

    * Global Option

    * Covid Transport Option

    Attend the SkyMed seminar to learn more about the SkyMed Difference! Your choice of brunch menu item is included and paid for by SkyMed.

    Discounts and special offers that you cannot get online will be available at this seminar. SkyMed wants you to find the best SkyMed plan to suit your needs and understand how your SkyMed plan works. Work with me, your SkyMed Team Leader, for full information and the best prices.

    SkyMed Upcoming OUTDOOR Seminar:

    When: Wednesday, June 29th

    Where: Geek & Coffee, 10:00 am SHARP

    Calz de La Aurora (Fabrica La Aurora)

    Behind the duck pond at the back of the parking lot.

    Please RSVP: Space is LIMITED.

    Sarah Ash

    SkyMed Team Leader, Mexico

    Mx Cell: 415 125 3537

    US Cell: 928 255 0220

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