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    Oct 9, 2019:
    • More Smiles in SMA: Three Kings Toy Drive,
    • Advise LGBT + couples to get SMA to legally recognize their union,
    • Trees of Avenida Guadalupe Leaving,
    • Water rationing in 12 states,
    • The Battle of Celaya is far from over,
    • Honey and Beekeeping Fair,
    • Ghost Forests,
    • Henri 4: L'Haunting,
    • Trash all our recyclable plastic?

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    More Smiles in SMA: Three Kings Toy Drive
    As the Christmas season is fast approaching, a local SMA resident, Les Pearson, has again taken on the joyful task of organizing the Three Kings toy drive, as he has done for the last three years.

    As you may know, Three Kings day in January is more important to the Mexican people than Christmas. This is the day that Mexican families exchange small gifts. Sadly, due to the economic situation of many families, children in the outlying areas receive little to nothing.

    Because of the San Miguel community’s generosity, last year, more than 700 boys and girls in the campos near San Miguel de Allende received a small gift! This year year he is setting the bar higher and wants to surprise 800 children with gifts. This will require a great deal of generosity (some financial, some voluntary) by many people.
    More Smiles in SMA: Three Kings Toy Drive.

    Advise LGBT + couples to get SMA to legally recognize their union
    Last Saturday, the “Equal Marriage Counseling” Forum was held, for people of the same sex who wish to marry in San Miguel de Allende, organized by the Collective Association 41.

    The advice that was conducted free of charge, was given by lawyers who ...
    Advise LGBT + couples to get SMA to legally recognize their union (sp).

    The trees of Av Guadalupe leave
    #SEVAN @GobSMA confirms that Guadalupe Avenue trees will be removed from the area to remove the ridge where they rest; they need space to place concrete and the arcade they project; they will invest $8 thousand in each transplant.
    The municipality announced through a statement that according to the study and in response to dozens of proposals received by inhabitants of different colonies, neighborhoods ..., the parks and the areas where Guadalupe Avenue trees could be located and the total number of specimens that could be transplanted in these areas (were identified).

    He said that so far the following locations that would allow receiving up to 8 copies are listed...
    The trees of Av Guadalupe leave (sp).
    The 33 trees that the members of Salvemos 41 Árboles have been defending for 3 weeks, leave the avenue. The constant protests, petitions, vigilance and manifestations of characters and environmentalists who requested that the project adapt to the trees and not the trees to the project, were rejected ...
    33 trees of Guadalupe Avenue leave; will invest 8 thousand pesos in each one to transplant them (sp).
    San Miguel de Allende, Gto., October 8, 2019.- In response to the request of the inhabitants of various colonies, neighborhoods and communities that seek to adopt the 33 trees that remain on Guadalupe Avenue, the Municipal Government announces the location of the transplants

    In an unprecedented event in the history of San Miguel de Allende, the Municipal Government will carry out - for the first time - an action of this nature, which will imply a cost of 8 thousand pesos per copy.

    Before the start of the work that includes the rehabilitation with stamped concrete pavement and the construction of the arcade of Guadalupe Avenue, the removal of the vehicle ridge is necessary. However, in a professional manner a diagnosis of technique and procedure was prepared to correctly perform the transplant of the specimens.
    Defined Locations Of The 33 Trees Of The Guadeloupe Avenue That Will Be Transplanted (sp).

    Water rationing in 12 states; drought causing low levels at many dams
    Water is currently being rationed in 12 states due to drought and the resulting low water levels in many of the nation’s biggest dams.

    According to a report by the National Water Commission (Conagua), water supply to Mexico City has been reduced from 10,000 liters per second to 9,000 liters because the reservoirs that feed the Cutzamala system are only at 75% of capacity. ...

    Decisions to ration water are taken by state-based councils of Conagua, which reported in September that 66.6% of the country was experiencing drought of varying degrees of severity at the end of August.
    Water rationing in 12 states; drought causing low levels at many dams.

    The battle of Celaya is far from over
    In the military jargon, the geographical area claimed by two enemy armies is called the "border line". It is also the area where the avant-garde columns of opposing forces collide and where the main battles take place on a battlefield. That is what the municipality of Celaya has become. It is an authentic war zone ...

    The battle of Celaya constitutes another link in the war for the control of the state of Guanajuato. He was preceded by the fight by Pénjamo, Silao, León, etc. Similar wars will happen in Salamanca, again León, Guanajuato capital, San Miguel de Allende, etc. In each municipality colony is fought, by colony, community by community.
    The battle of Celaya is far from over (sp).

    'Let's save the bees! the Honey and Beekeeping Fair in the Guanajuato Bicentenario Park
    #SalvemosLasAbejas, the fair to know the importance of bees for our world and the Environment in the @PGBicentenario.
    Silao, Guanajuato– With the slogan “Save the bees!” Frames the Third Apicultural-Agricultural Meeting of Bajío and the First Honey Fair, which will be held in Parque Guanajuato Bicentenario (PGB ) on October 11, 12 and 13. The objective of the meeting is to raise awareness among the ...
    'Let's save the bees! the Honey and Beekeeping Fair in the Guanajuato Bicentenario Park (sp).

    Ghost Forests Are Visceral Examples of the Advance of Climate Change

    As Matt Kirwan walks through Maryland’s Blackwater National Refuge, his rubber boots begin to squish. With each step the land beneath him turns from dry ground to increasingly soggy mud. The trees around him go from tall and full of leaves or needles to short, bare and pale white.

    Partway out, ankle deep in water, Kirwan stops. “At this point we’ve transitioned from being in the forest, to actually being in a full-fledged marsh,” explains the Virginia Institute of Marine Science ecologist. “This ground is now too salty and too wet to support living trees.”

    Kirwan is standing in the midst of what is known as a “ghost forest.” These swaths of dead, white, trees are created when salty water moves into forested areas, first slowing, and eventually halting, the growth of new trees. That means that when old trees die, there aren’t replacements.
    Ghost Forests Are Visceral Examples of the Advance of Climate Change.

    Henri 4, L'Haunting
    In recognition of the upcoming Halloween season.

    An MIT researcher says we should trash all our recyclable plastic, and he's probably right
    • Recycling plastic uses up a lot of resources, and after all the hauling around, sorting, and processing of bottles and containers, it often ends up getting thrown away or burned.
    • MIT business researcher Andrew McAfee says we'd be better off putting our plastic waste into well-managed landfills.
    • He argues we should spend our "mental budget for thinking about the Earth on more high-impact changes," like carbon taxes on major polluters and nuclear energy.
    An MIT researcher says we should trash all our recyclable plastic, and he's probably right

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