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    Colette Morya: I attended the march and event "Climate Action for the Future" that took place in San Miguel de Allende on Friday, September 20. A group of mostly women who were part of that mobilization caught my attention. A couple of them held a canvas with the phrase: "WATER FOR LIFE NOT FOR THE MINE." I approached and asked one of them, "Excuse me, what mine are you talking about?"

    She filled me in, telling me the story: "We are originally from a community called San Anton de las Minas, which is part of the municipality of Dolores Hidalgo. The Canadian company Argonaut Gold wants to open an open pit mine and exploit Cerro del Gallo to get gold, silver and copper. Those men analyzed the soil of the entire community, for years. They made clear their intention to buy all the land. But they were most interested in the landy where the church is located, where San Antonio de Padua is venerated, since they discovered that there was gold under the church and on the stones with which it is built." The mining company wants to crush the stones of which the church is built to extract the gold in them.

    "The residents of this community and 35 others in the surrounding area are rejecting this project because of the environmental and water pollution that would be generated, since the processes to extract gold would poison the Independence Basin, an aquifer that supplies Dolores with water Hidalgo, San Miguel de Allende, San Luis de la Paz, San José Iturbide, among other nearby municipalities. We would be the first to receive dirty water, but it would also come to you," she pointedly told me.

    Read and see more at Lokkal: Trading Our Water for Gold.

    Right here in San Miguel de Allende we have tested drinking water that contains nearly seven times more arsenic than what the World Health Organization (WHO) considers acceptable to drink. Arsenic is a heavy metal that, when continuously consumed in drinking water, can create serious impacts on our health. Arsenic is closely correlated with gallbladder and skin cancer, cognitive development problems in children, chronic kidney disease (CKD), and much more. ...

    Every dollar or peso you give will automatically be doubled this month up to USD $10,000. Because we are an incredibly lean organization, the maximum amount of your contribution will go directly to providing fresh, safe, healthy drinking water for people who otherwise have no choice but to drink dangerously contaminated water or who have little to no water access to begin with. Your donation will also go towards the development of new technology that will lower the cost of delivering clean drinking water to families as well as to the geographic expansion of our work.
    Caminos de Agua: Do twice as much good..

    The mining company @Argonaut_Gold celebrated the closing festival of his workshop "Learn Playing" in the town of San Antón de las Minas.
    AUG 23, 2019. Argonaut Gold has a project to develop a mine in San Antón, it does not have a mine as some have proposed, and only if it receives federal permits that guarantee technical and environmental feasibility, would the mine be built ...
    Argonaut Gold Conducts (sp).

    Argonaut Gold is at risk of losing a strong investment in Guanajuato: The senator of Mexico by MORENA Jesusa Rodríguez went with everything against the Canadian miner and her project in San Antón de las Minas in #DoloresHidalgo.

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