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    Oct 7, 2019:
    • 'Day of the Dead' returns to San Juan De Dios area,
    • Tree defenders gather over 13000 signatures,
    • Procession of la Octava,
    • Treadmill and tennis shoes for Tavera brothers,
    • Tips only source of income for many seniors bagging groceries,
    • Black and white and blue in Tlacolula,
    • GTO: 164 children and youth killed in 18 months,
    • GM, Ford, BMW, VW, Honda Shift More Production to Mexico. Auto Imports Surge Despite Decline in US Sales.

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    'Day of the Dead' returns to the San Juan De Dios area
    The Fiesta in honor of the Day of the Dead will be taken back to the Barrio de San Juan De Dios and will be extended in the Plaza Insurgentes. Again with the offering of angels, the monumental, the altars and cultural events, the Directorate of Culture will take the party back to the traditional neighborhood of San Miguel.
    They take the 'Day of the Dead' to the neighborhood of San Juan De Dios and Plaza Insurgentes (sp).

    Tree defenders gather more than 13 thousand signatures
    This weekend, activists from @41Arboles they were visited by lawyers, architects and the senator @jesusardgz; reach 13 thousand signatures.
    More than 13 thousand signatures in physical and digital form have been collected since it began (3 weeks ago), for the movement "Save 41 trees".

    Activists indicated that people are still approaching, that they know that there is a list of signatures and that they come to deliver their support ... on Avenida Guadalupe.
    Tree defenders gather more than 13 thousand signatures; they party and receive visits from biologists and lawyers (sp).

    Procession of la Octava to Lord San Miguel
    At noon this Sunday (yesterday) the Procession will take place with the image of Lord San Miguel in what is known as "la Octava", will depart from the Parish of San Miguel Arcángel to visit the temple of la Purísima Concepción, el Oratorio y San Francisco.
    The festival of la Octava (the eighth) of the walk of the image of San Miguel Arcángel is already part of a tradition that adds to the festive calendar of the town.

    This procession begins in the year of 1985, in which at the initiative and concern of a group of enthusiasts from San Miguel, they ask the priest of that time, RVP. Mr. José Bautista Ponce and the RVP. Fernando Manríquez, the one who, to conclude with the patron festivities, could take the image through the main streets of the city and visit the local temples, to which they agreed, taking into account the historical background of the city.
    Procession of the Eighth to Lord San Miguel (sp).

    Exclusive view from the bell tower at the closing of the party in honor of San Miguel Arcángel 2019.

    SMA entrepreneurs donate treadmill and deliver tennis shoes to the Tavera brothers, the Paralympic runners
    This weekend, businessmen met with the Tavera family to coincide and together take the community of Ciénega de Juana Ruiz, the treadmill that is needed for Paralympic athletes who will seek to get their objective and reach Tokyo 2020. As we will remember, Isidro ...
    SMA entrepreneurs donate treadmill and deliver tennis to the Tavera brothers, the Paralympic runners (sp).

    For seniors bagging groceries, tips are their only source of income
    When shopping in a supermarket in Mexico, you are likely to see senior citizens bagging groceries at the checkouts. These seniors are not employees, but volunteers, subsisting entirely on tips.

    At Walmart and its subsidiaries Sam’s Club, Bodega Aurrera and Superama and other supermarket chains such as Chedraui, Soriana and La Comercial Mexicana, pensioners bag groceries. None of them receive salaries, but the work is important to them. ...

    Supermarket chains take advantage of this desperation by hiring them as volunteers instead of employees, at great benefit to their bottom line.
    For seniors bagging groceries, tips are their only source of income.

    Black and white and blue in Tlacolula
    The artistry and message of my favorite mural painting collective, the Tlacolulokos, continues to be revealed on the walls of Tlacolula de Matamoros. Today, on a brief visit, blogger buddy Chris and I stumbled on three of their masterpieces. The first one I’d previously seen and blogged about in 2017 under the title, Who tells your story. However, the second mural was new to both of us. ...
    Black and white and blue in Tlacolula.

    In Guanajuato, 164 children and youth have been killed in a year and a half
    Leon, Gto. Among the victims of the homicidal violence that has flooded Guanajuato are minors. Apart from armed attacks between criminal groups, it is children and young people who stand out among official statistics, as a constant within the impacts of criminal incidence.

    The figures of the State Attorney General's Office register 164 victims, not older than 18 years, who have been murdered in a year and a half. Practically, the average establishes that every three days an infant is terminated. ...

    According to the statistics provided by the State Attorney General's Office, in a request for public information, in 2018 100 murders of minors were recorded in Guanajuato. To these are added the 64 that were registered in the first half of 2019.
    In Guanajuato, 164 children and youth have been killed in a year and a half (sp).

    GM, Ford, BMW, VW, Honda Shift More Production to Mexico. Auto Imports Surge Despite Decline in US Sales
    Automakers continue to shift their production base from the U.S. to Mexico, where labor costs pale in comparison with those in the U.S., despite growing opposition from U.S. auto workers and their unions. U.S. imports of new vehicles from Mexico surged by 8% in the first three quarters of 2019, according to the auto manufacturers association AIMA, released by Mexico’s National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI). This surge has occurred even as total deliveries of vehicles to end-users in the US fell by 1.6%. ...

    On a global scale, Mexico’s auto industry is tangled up in the current global slowdown in auto demand. Mexico’s overall auto production, despite the surge of exports to the US, is down 0.8% so far this year after notching up five consecutive months of year-on-year declines. While exports to the U.S. continued to rise, they could not compensate for the sharp drop-offs in exports to other countries ...
    GM, Ford, BMW, VW, Honda Shift More Production to Mexico. Auto Imports Surge Despite Decline in US Sales.

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