• Glenn Wilson
    Please make comments about the contest, about voting, questions, issues, etc. in this post.

    The three August contests are at:

    You need to be a registered user of this site to vote or make nominations. If you need help registering, confirming your email or voting pease see: Getting Started. Read this before Registering. Read this before Posting.
  • Megan Gabel
    I think that you should not allow organizations that previously won any amount of money through one of your contests (maybe in the last six months) to be part of a contest again. I do not think it is fair to the organizations that didn’t win anything.

    So, the Sociedad Protectora de Animales de San Miguel de Allende, A.C. will not sign up for this new contest. We would like to give others a chance to win.

    Megan Gabel
    S.P.A. General Director
  • Glenn Wilson
    Thanks for your comment and your sense of fairness.

    I agree in principle. For the contest this month we said:
    "There will be two more similar contests for $5,000 pesos each in August. The winner each week will not be eligible to win again in August or September." (Nominations Open August 2018 Contest)

    So, if we follow the same pattern in September as in August that would mean distributing money to six different organizations between August and September.

    Between July and August, so far, (but nominations can still be made for later August contests), there have been 11 different charities nominated. If we distribute money to three or four per month, which is what we are doing currently, we would run out of nominated charities in about three months. Over time we expect more charities to be nominated but we are not there yet. Maybe we should only distribute money to one or two charities per month? I don't know.

    I don't want to introduce new restrictions after the fact. That seems unfair to me. So I am not applying any such restrictions to the winners of the July contest. If there were a time restriction perhaps it should be proportional to the amount won?

    We do not know how long our source of funding will last which makes any long-term planning difficult. It could end in a month or last a year or two or three.

    I'm sure I have made some mistakes and will make more. I will try to learn from them.

    Thanks for your input!
  • Linda S Magee
    I have spent almost 1/2 hour trying to vote and still no luck. Someone explain this. First my registration went twice into the junk email box, then I tried to vote and nothing came up in order to vote. Where do I go? This sucks.
  • Glenn Wilson
    I'm sorry you have run into challenges. Thanks for pointing out the confirmation email went into your spam folder. I can't control what goes into your spam folder but I will add a note for others to check their spam folder.

    For help registering, confirming your email, voting or posting please see: Getting Started. Read this before Registering. Read this before Posting.

    The link in this post takes you to the first contest this month and that has a link to the current contest.

    Currently, if you go to the main page of this web site at https://www.smafaq.com/ the current voting post will generally be near the top of the list and begin with the words Vote Here.

    Or, if you are browsing by category select the category Charities and the post will be near the top.

    At the moment the current voting post is at: Vote Here: Second August Contest.

    If this is not helpful please be more descriptive about "I tried to vote and nothing came up" either as a comment or a direct message to me.
  • Linda S Magee
    Glen, what a nightmare. So I signed out and back in. Still won't take my vote on the "Vote Here" page.
    I wonder how skewed all the votes are for the difficulty in it. You know, we're trying to do people a favor. You wouldn't think one would have to work so hard for it.
  • Linda S Magee
    Am I not supposed to hit the name or bar of my choice?
  • Glenn Wilson
    For an explanation of voting including a video see: Polls and Voting

    Vote in this post: Vote Here: Second August Contest
  • Linda S Magee
    Well finally! Glenn, I'm not dumb. I was on a page that showed the graph results and got there directly from hitting the "Vote Now" button. There was no little dohinggy at the bottom to access the actual poll so I had nowhere to go. Here's where I landed 2-3 times: https://www.smafaq.com/discussion/72/vote-here-first-august-contest . This may have happened because I tried to vote without signing in & before confirming my membership--it was real late & I had eyestrain.
  • Linda S Magee
    Maybe I kept trying to use an outdated page?
  • Glenn Wilson
    Yes, the link you mentioned is a past, closed poll that is no longer open to voting. I'm glad you got it to work!
  • Linda S Magee
    Glen, it was an open poll for Caminos de Agua that I finally voted for. What happened is that I never got on that page with the little dots to vote but landed on the graph & may not have seen that button on the bottom to vote. I think by the time I got to the correct page that the voting had changed and I was using an outdated page by almost an hour. Hope that helps 'cause this was neither obvious nor easy.
  • April Gaydos
    Thank you Glen for helping local charity organizations and everyone who voted for Audubon de Mexico in the first August poll. The donation, which I received today, will go a long way with our Ninos y Naturaleza program. We are working on our new website. When it is ready for prime time, I'll send a link so you can learn more about Ninos y Naturaleza and our other programs.
  • Paco
    Dear Glen,

    On behalf of everyone at Caminos de Agua we thank you for making this contest possible. Ensuring access to safe and healthy drinking water for all is a global problem in San Miguel de Allende and in so many places throughout the World. We are very impressed and humbled by this show of support of our work. To learn more about our work and solutions go to our website at www.caminosdeagua.org . Once again, Muchas Gracias!
  • Paco
    Yesterday, Glen visited our lab at Caminos de Agua and presented a check for 5,000 pesos which we won in the second round of the August contest. Thanks to everyone who voted for us, to SMA FAQ and the generosity of the donor that made this contest possible.

    Paco Guajardo
    Associate Director
    Caminos de Agua
  • Annie
    I click and click and nothing happens. I vote for Santuario Felino Rey Ashoka, A.C.

    Annie Evans
  • Lola Cortina
    Hi Glenn, several people friends and sponsors have tried to register, and vote, some of them got upset because they considered it is complicated, so they couldn't do it. And it is frustrating when you have to go and check in another place like the link "For help voting", specially for people that work hard and have not too much time to get stressed with the computer issues and getting in a labyrinth of links..... So sorry it is not so easy.
    I want to thank you for doing these contests and hope in the future it will be easier to go through.
    Best. Lola Cortina
  • Glenn Wilson
    What I have found is that people that have had trouble voting are either not registered (including confirming their email), or, they are on the wrong page. The requirement to register and confirm email will probably never go away (otherwise we would have no control over who is voting, posting on the website, etc).

    For anyone that is posting something on a website, or a Facebook page, or sending out an email encouraging people to vote, you might consider a template something like this to make it as easy as possible for your members to register here (if they have not already done so) and to vote:

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Please vote for our Best Charity in the World in the contest at San Miguel FAQ.

    You do have to register there before you can vote.
    If you are not already registered there, first register at:
    If you have any trouble registering watch the video on that page.

    Once you are registered, to vote for us go to:
    [update this as the current contest changes]

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    You might want to tweak that a bit but the key thing is to first send people that have not registered to the How to Register page in case they do need assistance.

    You might also want to include the following if you think it would help your members, but if they get registered ok and are on the right page to vote they probably don't need it (I think).

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    If you have any trouble voting see this post:

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  • Lola Cortina
    Ok Glenn, I sent all the necessary data to do it, I went through myself step by step, but it seems there is something not working yet.... will "copy" what you wrote to do it next time....
  • Bev Brinson
    Glenn, thank you and the anonymous donor for making this possible. Just for the record, I registered, confirmed and voted with no issues in all three polls.

  • Glenn Wilson
    Thanks for your feedback! Whether your experience was positive or not it helps if I hear about it to try to make things better in the future.
  • Glenn Wilson
    We are so glad to be able to do this and I know you will make great use of the funds.
  • Sher
    Dear Glenn,
    I hope I am correct in assuming that the Refugee Relief Project is now in the September contest since we did not win either of the August ones(second or third). Is that correct? When does voting open and close for the first contest of September. I am putting out our bi-monthly newsletter this months and would like to encourage people to vote to help migrants and refugees, a desperate group at this time in our history, not only here in SMA but around the world. Muchas gracias to you and the anonymous donors making these contests possible!
    Sher Davidson
  • Glenn Wilson
    Yes. Refugee Relief Project is in the September contest.

    All charities nominated for August, listed below, are automatically nominated for September subject to the restriction that August winners are not eligible in September. A new post for additional nominations for September is coming soon.
    Any charity receiving fewer than ten votes will be dropped if needed to make room for new nominees.
    Nominations Open August 2018 Contest
    [Based on the results of the Third August contest, Casita Linda, A.C., Centro Infantil de los Ángeles, and Patronato Pro Niños could be dropped if there are a total of more than ten nominees for the First September contest.]

    "When does voting open and close for the first contest of September." We'll announce something soon
  • Shannon Shaffer
    On behalf of Ed Caminos, thank you for this wonderful contest!!
    We so were thrilled to win the last contest in August and so appreciative that you got the funds to us so quickly!

    The funds we received will go to immediate and good use. We plan to purchase new tables, chairs and educational materials. Your donation will go a long way in helping us. The timing couldn't be better- just in time for the start of the new school year.

    Thank you to all that voted for us. Ed Caminos is an after school program in Independencia that tutors children ages 5-13. These children are falling behind or failing in their classes. The program is free and we rely soley on donations. We are able to help 25 children per day and have a waiting list of over 100 children. Your support will really help us buy desperately needed supplies.

    WIth great thanks and appreciation,

    Shannon Shaffer
    Ed Caminos
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