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    ¡Nuevo post del blog de Natalie Taylor!
    ¡New post from Natalie Taylor’s blog!

    Are you a friggatriskaidekaphobic or just fearful of saying the word?

    That’s dread of Friday the 13th, folks! Now let’s look at how this silly fear got started. Most think that it has to do with the Last Supper, and Judas being the 13th guest which, as we know, was a pretty messy deal. But there was another earlier supper, (or maybe it was a comida…we don’t know the time of day), where all the Norse gods gathered for a meal and the 13th guest at that table (no, it wasn’t Judas), happened to be Loki. During the course of the meal, one of the gods died, and Loki, who was known as a cunning trickster, was blamed. The two stories merged and created the anxiety of the number 13, but not necessarily Friday. The Last Supper took place on Thursday (though new research seems to point to Wednesday), and nobody knows what day of the week the banquet of the Norse gods took place. Continue reading…

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