• Zoe
    SMA has a lot of old people. And when you are old it is more important than ever to prepare for that.

    My friend just went thru a horror story with a Drama Queen. This is a true story. Only the name has been changed to protect the guilty.

    DQ is elderly. Approaching 90. She fell. The maid found her, unconscious, some time later. Serious brain damage. She had not done the paperwork we had encouraged her to do.

    So … transport her to the hospital. But which one? Who was her doctor? Who is gonna pay for this? Did she have insurance? How do you contact the important people in her life? Who has authority to assist her? Even unconscious ... the drama continues!

    The dysfunctional … spend their lives mopping up messes. But in this case it was others doing the mopping.

    The maid sorta lived at the hospital caring for DQ. Unpaid. And will remain unpaid because DQ had done some other stupid (but dramatic!) things which resulted in bank accounts being cleaned out.

    When they were able to get DQ home, what with the brain damage, she didn’t recognize those helping her nor could she process where she was. She will likely not recover from this brain damaged state. She needs help … while the funds to pay for that have gone missing.

    So the drama continues. She lingers on but likely she will die soon. She has no local relatives. She did do a pointless (but dramatic!) will. Pointless because she owns no real estate and thus probate cannot be opened. If it were, the costs involved would probably be more than her few belongs are worth.

    I want to avoid this. I want my death to be as uneventful as possible. And I want to do my homework now.

    So … some time ago I began to prepare. I am making a notebook of important papers and instructions. There is one for passwords. And since I have no relatives here, I have joined the 24 hour association.

    I would like this topic to be about …

    • What documents are needed.
    • What are the facts about the 24 hour association. I understand it is the only entity
      that can take responsibility for the body in the absence of a relative.
      Otherwise it is kinda decompose in place.
    • Sources of information
      Links and professionals and phone numbers
    • What about a living will
    • And whatever else you think of that is appropriate

    I will post more … with each post being about one specific topic
  • Bev Brinson
    Another option is body donation through the University of Guanajuato.They have a permission form, and are willing to meet with people in San Miguel through an appointment. We met at the Biblioteca.

    Here is what they need for each donor:

    1. Your full name, age, telephone number, address, civil status (single, married, divorce, widow or widower), actual work activity or you can mention that you are pensioned (jubilado/jubilada).
    2. The name of your closest relatives (for example, your wife/husband, son or daughter who also agree with your decision), mention if they are alive or death and their address in case they also are alive.
    3. The full name of 2 direct personal references that will function as witnesses and their signatures in the forma. They could be relatives (husband/wife or brothers/sisters etc…) or friends. If you don´t have one, I can get both of them.
    4. A copy of an ID (passport, residency card, INE…) from you and your witnesses.

    The permission form is elaborated on the basis of the regulation for the disposition of bodies for academic purposes of the General Health Law of México. If you agree with the donation, is very recommended to schedule an appointment to clarify the doubts and sign the permission at the Department of Medicine and Nutrition if you live in León Guanajuato, or we can go to the city you live. The procedure is free. We will give you a personalized card with the instructions in case de donor dies.

    University of Guanajuato Campus León Anatomy Laboratory:
    01 (477) 328-22-90
    01 (477) 2674900 ext 3682 from 8:30 to 13:30h
    045 (477) 2884238

    Dr. Gerardo Chávez Saavedra
    Cirugía General y Laparoscopía Avanzada
    PTC Universidad de Guanajuato - Campus León
    Correo: Twitter: @DRCHAVEZS
    Torre de Laboratorios 4° Piso – Laboratorio de Anatomía Ext. 3682
    Av. Puente del Milenio #1001 Col. Fracc. Del Predio San Carlos CP 37670

    Bev Brinson
  • Glenn Wilson
    Thanks for this info!

    Is this the same as organ donation? Or, if not, do you know if someone is also an organ donor, is this process consistent with that or is there a conflict?
  • Bev Brinson
    No, this is under the assumption that by the time we die, our organs might not be valid for the donation. They come, pick up the body, and transfer to the University at no cost. We have cards in both English and Espanol.
  • Zoe
    I wanted to donate my body. However, I have no relatives. And I understood that is an issue. I had to go with the 24 Hour Association as they are the only entity authorized in Mexico to deal with the body in the absence of relatives and to take advantage of that, one must have a signed agreement in advance.

    Correct me if I am wrong, please.
  • Bev Brinson
    Zoe, I don't have the answer since that was not an issue for me.
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