• Glenn Wilson

    Bonnie Lee Black wrote: Martha Stewart and I go back aways. We’ve never met, but our lives have followed somewhat parallel paths. We’re about the same age (she’s three years older); both from New Jersey; both were models when young, then later became caterers in New York; we were both about the same size, shape, and coloring; both gave birth to one child, daughters, born within days of each other in 1965; both love cooking, homemaking, gardening… The list goes on and on.

    She’s uber-famous, of course, and I am not. But that’s quite all right with me.

    There was a time, though, when I achieved a modicum of Martha Stewart-like fame: when I was a Peace Corps volunteer in my early fifties in Gabon, Central Africa. This experience struck me as funny at the time, so I wrote about it humorously in my Peace Corps memoir, How to Cook a Crocodile (Peace Corps Writers, 2010). Here, to illustrate, is an excerpt from that true story in the chapter, “The Martha Stewart of Gabon” ...

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  • Bonnie Lee Black
    Thanks so much for sharing this, dear Glenn. I hope your readers read to the end to get the SMA connection! -- BB
  • Patrice Wynne
    What a wonderful read! Gracias, Bonnie! I thoroughly enjoyed your story and always your writing!
  • Bonnie Lee Black
    Thanks so much, Patrice! And thank you, Glenn, for posting it again. -- BB
  • Glenn Wilson
    And thank you, Glenn, for posting it again.Bonnie Lee Black

    You're welcome. But, I didn't post it again, exactly ... that* happens automatically to any post that someone comments on.

    * - The post is moved to the top of the list of posts and will appear (again) in the next daily newsletter.
  • Bonnie Lee Black
    Well, in that case I think I'll thank you every day I see it... :-)
  • Glenn Wilson
    Although, I can turn that off for individual posts ... :smile:
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