• Glenn Wilson
    Update: All charities nominated for August, listed below, are automatically nominated for September subject to the restriction that August winners are not eligible in September. A new post for additional nominations for September is coming soon.

    Nominations are now closed for the contests in August. Nominees are listed at the bottom of this post.

    Discussion about the contest is in another post at Discuss the Contest August 2018.

    There will be one prize of $5,000 Mexican pesos awarded to the charity receiving the most votes in each of three contests in August. Any charity receiving fewer than ten votes will be dropped if needed to make room for new nominees.


    An anonymous donor has again provided $15,000 Mexican pesos to be given to charitable organizations through this website. The charities should operate in San Miguel de Allende or nearby. The donations are to be made in August or early September.

    The August contest will consist of three separate polls, one after the other, with the winner of each receiving $5,000 MXN pesos. The winners will not be eligible to win again in August or September.

    You need to be a registered user of this site to vote or make nominations. For help registering or using this site see Getting Started. Read this before Registering. Read this before Posting.

    The July contest winners are listed at The July 2018 Winners Are .... Winners from July are eligible for nomination for the August contest. The contest will be limited to ten charities. If more than ten nominations are received the first ten nominated will be eligible.

    Nominations can be made as a comment to this post. Nominations do not need to be seconded. Each user may nominate only one charity. Please include the name of the organization, contact information (preferably email), their website if they have one, and a brief description of their mission.

    Nominees for the August Contests are:
    1. Patronato Por Ninos de San Miguel de Allende, A.C.

    2. Santuario Felino Rey Ashoka, A.C.

    3. Audubon de México

    4. Casita Linda, A.C.

    5. EdCaminos

    6. Centro Infantil de los Angeles

    7. Caminos de Agua

    ---- The below are nominated for the second and third contests in August. ----

    8. Latin American Relief Fund / Refugee Relief Project
  • Ira Goldman
    I would like to nominate Patronatos por Ninos, the charity that provides much needed dental, medical and psychological care to the under served children of SMA and the surrounding campos.
  • Jonna Stratton
    I would like to nominate Santuario Felino Rey Ashoka, A.C. for the August contest
  • April Gaydos
    I would like to nominate Audubon de México and our school-based program Ninos y Naturaleza. This year we are working with 300 3rd -6th grade students; helping them connect with the wonders of nature and empowering them to make a difference in improving our environment by building their knowledge, empathy for all living things, sense of community and self-confidence. Your financial help for our school gardens and our new curriculum to reduce waste, eliminate plastic and styrofoam at their schools and keep litter off the streets would be so greatly appreciated. http://www.audubonmex.org/aboutnn.html
  • Glenn Wilson
    Do you mean a general donation to Audubon de México or specific to Niños y Naturaleza? General donations seem to be focused on that program based on
    100 percent of Environmental Legacy funds will support these kinds of programs, especially our new Kids + Nature program...Audubon de México
  • April Gaydos
    Yes, a general donation to Audubon de México, with the idea that we would use the donation for our Ninos y Naturaleza program.
  • Barbara Erickson
    I would like to nominate Audubon de México for the prize. I am always impressed by their efforts in the community to connect people and the nature all around us!
  • elisa borrego
    Santuario Felino Rey Ashoka gets my vote for August.
  • Glenn Wilson
    Thanks for the note. But, to be clear for everyone, a comment in this post is not a vote. Voting has not started yet. When it does there will be a polling tool and only voting with that tool will count. See: Polls and Voting.
  • elisa borrego
    Thanks for the message.
  • Louise M Gilliam
    I would like to nominate Casita Linda, an organization that builds homes for the poorest of the poor in San Miguel. Casita Linda also partners with Caminos de Aqua to provide clean water to our families and we conduct workshops teaching hygiene, family planning, nutrition and much more. Your donation will help provide warm shelter, hope and dignity to those less fortunate.

    Louise Gilliam
  • sue mathias
    Santuario Felino Rey Ashoka!
  • Shannon Shaffer
    I nominate ED CAMINOS an after school program for children ages 6-13 in Independencia who are falling behind in regular classes. We serve 25 students per day with a waiting list of over 100. We rely solely on donations and are in desperate need of funds. Tutors are all volunteers. Program is free to students. Please see our website www.edcaminos.org . Gracias!!
  • Jonathan Brown
    I would like to nominate Centro Infantil de Los Angeles that serves almost two hundred children and their families.
  • Bev Brinson
    I would like to nominate Caminos de Agua focusing on water solutions for the surrounding areas.

  • Theresa
    I nominate Casita Linda.
  • Sher
    I would like to nominate the Refugee Relief Project which helps migrants fleeing violence in Central America by providing rent and some utility costs for Albergue ABBA, a registered shelter in Celaya Mexico near San Miguel. ABBA provides migrants with 3 days of shelter, meals, calls home, medicine, medical and psychological counseling. Through ABBA, the Red Cross provides prostheses to the many amputees among the migrants, who make the arduous journey on the top of the freight trains and sometimes fall or are pushed off the trains by the gangs. The RR Project seeks to help those most vulnerable, the many migrants living in fear for their lives. The project's long term goal is to receive enough grants and donations to begin a complimentary shelter to ABBA in San Miguel where the migrants who are seeking asylum can stay while they await the decision on their applications. This would make it easier for them to report to the local Immigration Office which is required bi-weekly. Pastor Ignacio Ramirez, founder and director of ABBA shelter shares that dream. To read more about the project one can go to the latinamericanrelieffund.org website. The Latin American Relief Fund is a small NGO which helps fund the RR Project.
  • Glenn Wilson
    The latinamericanrelieffund.org website has a donate button for "Purpose: Latin American Relief Fund". Is that how one would donate if this nominee wins? Please clarify.
  • eira rodriguez
    EdCaminos A C apoya a los niños y niñas de primaria y secundaria con clases de regularisacion en sus estudios evitandon la desercion escolar. El servicio es gratuito acuden niñas y niños de escuelas publicas y de algunas comunidades. Tambien se les da clase de ingles, manualidades, reciclado, papiroflexia, pintura y fomentan las diversas costumbres y tradiciones que tiene esta hermosa ciudad. Cuenta con una maestra titulada y una maestra de ingles, las personas que apoyan son jovenes que hacen su servicio social y voluntarios. Requiere del apoyo economico para sobrevivir.
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