• Glenn Wilson
    Jessica Antonelli: In a city known for it's rustic textures and rich colors, there lives an art instructor who invites inspiring creatives to play with these artistic elements. Jane Dill is a much-loved art teacher in San Miguel de Allende, who has been offering classes at the Galeria San Francisco for years.

    Classically trained as a calligrapher and lettering artist, Jane worked commercially with designers for 30 years, creating logos, branding and identity for national brands, restaurants and wine labels. Since moving to San Miguel, Jane has concentrated more on her fine art and teaching. She has been represented by the Galeria San Francisco for five years.

    In this video, we take a sneak-peek into her classroom at the beautiful Fabrica la Aurora to see art-making in action at Jane's Abstract Painting with Texture (1-day) class.

    Read and see more at Lokkal: Jane Dill's Art Class. More #Lokkal.

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  • Jessica Antonelli
    Thanks for sharing Glenn!
    Jane's class really lets your inner child out, and art lovers in SMA shouldn't miss a trip to the Fabrica Aurora.
    Ciao for now!
  • Glenn Wilson
    Thanks for the great interviews and articles Jessica!
  • Jane Dill
    Thanks, Glenn -

    It's a great video that Jessica did! I appreciate the exposure from you too!

    All the best,
  • Glenn Wilson
    Jessica and Jane (and others reading this), Feel free to promote your classes on this site. Part of our mission is to provide a place where people can promote their business and interests. That helps the poster, the readers, and adds more useful content to SMAFAQ.

    As we say in the Forum rules: 4. Yes, you may post about and promote your charity, business, service, or creations.

    For help creating new discussions, including adding images and video, see:
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