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    Justice in Mexico released its latest working paper “The Impact of State-level U.S. Legalization Initiatives on Illegal Drug Flows” by Vivian Mateos Zúñiga and David A. Shirk. This study analyzes the relationship between cannabis legalization in the United States and the flows of illicit drugs across the U.S.-Mexico border. It specifically focuses on the effects of an increase in the percentage of the U.S. population with legal access to cannabis on the amount of illicit cannabis eradication and seizures in Mexico and U.S. border seizures, as well as flows of other drugs that may have supplanted cannabis trafficking.

    The percentage of the U.S. population with access to legal cannabis is measured using state-by-state intercensal data from the U.S. Census Bureau while illicit drug production and trafficking are measured using a variety of proxy variables. These include data from the Mexican President’s Annual Report which contains figures on drug eradication and seizures throughout Mexico, as well as seizure data from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Combined, these figures give an estimate of the amounts of narcotics being cultivated and trafficked.

    The authors hypothesized that as the percentage of the population with legal access in the United States increased, there would be a decrease in illicit cannabis production in Mexico and a decrease in illicit cannabis trafficking into the United States. Conversely, the authors also predicted an increase in the production of other illicit drugs in Mexico and the trafficking of other illicit drugs into the United States. Combined, the hypotheses allow for a comprehensive look at the effects of cannabis legalization on both the production and trafficking of multiple drugs. ...

    Continue at Justice in Mexico: The Impact of State-level U.S. Legalization Initiatives on Illegal Drug Flows: New Working Paper. More #JusticeInMexico.

    Justice in Mexico works to improve citizen security, strengthen the rule of law, and protect human rights in Mexico. We generate cutting edge research, promote informed dialogue, and work to find solutions to address these enormously complex issues. As a U.S.-based initiative, our program partners with key stakeholders, experts, and decision makers, lending international support to help analyze the challenges at hand, build consensus about how to resolve them, and foster policies and programs that can bring about change.About Justice in Mexico

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