• Mark
    Well, the October completion of my deed did not happen. Going into the third year now! I'm starting to wonder if this might be a case where some cash might speed things up? Hate to think that...

    Plus, I read in another post somewhere that property taxes in SMA are being increased. Anyone have any details on that?
  • Glenn Wilson
    For the curious, part one is at: Long waits for deeds?

    Yes, our property taxes went up for the same valuation and I've seen reports from others of increases around 30%-40%. You can see / pay the property tax online via the instructions at:
    But you will need the account number.
  • Barbara Kalis
    Interesting as my property taxes went down - not too much like 200 pesos but certainly not up.
  • Glenn Wilson
    Oops. I was wrong. Ours did not go up at all. Same as last year.

    I was accidentally comparing to an earlier year.
  • Mark
    I just checked my current property taxes and they are the same as last year. (I like the way they include a "cleaning" charge for what is, right now, a vacant lot! I have been told they charge you for the cleaning but don't actually do it...)

    I also read the post about making the payment online. Does making an online payment require you to have a Mexican bank account? Can the payment be made via a payment app like Wise, that will make the payment in pesos?

    I'm currently having someone in SMA make this payment for me, but would like to be able to handle it myself in the future.

  • Glenn Wilson
    You can pay with a U.S. based credit card. Wise, paypal or other apps are not an option. Mexico based banking is not required for this.
  • Mark

    Thank you!
  • Sharyn Bates
    My tax was exactly the same. If you have Permenente status and a Inapam card, you can go each year and register for a discount (for the next year) of I think 40-50% if your taxes are too high.
  • Mark
    My account already shows a 10% discount for making the full payment in February, and I'm not any kind of resident of Mexico yet. :)
  • Mark
    Well, I now have a new ETA for the deed...four weeks.
    Not bad. Only two years and four months...
  • Carol Lopes
    A friend of mine is going through the same thing. I think going frequently and politely nudging them is the key.
  • Bill Memo Wilson
    More than 13 years ago our deed took months to get. Last two years taxes went up.
    Bill Wilson
  • Mark
    I am told today that my deed has finally been issued...but I haven't seen it yet.

    Only 2 years, 5 months, 7 days (889 days) since the closing. With no explanation. (Yet.)

    I had decided that if it wasn't issued this week I would send a letter to the publisher of Atencion San Miguel suggesting they might want to do an investigative report about it...
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