• Glenn Wilson
    The Mexico Cost of Living Guide helps you to create a budget based on your individual situation and lifestyle choices. Download your free copy.

    By Mexperience.

    This is a practical guide that enables you to calculate your living costs in Mexico and compose a budget based on your individual lifestyle situation. ...

    This fully updated 2022 Guide to the Cost of Living in Mexico enables you to create an accurate estimate of your living costs, based on your individual situation and lifestyle choices. ...

    (GW: This guide is not specific to SMA but it does have some useful background and general information if you are new to the subject.)

    More and download the free e-book at Mexperience: Guide to the Cost of Living in Mexico 2022 – Free eBook. More #Mexperience

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  • Sharyn Bates
    Hi, I was curious about getting homeowner insurance, and this book has a link in it to purchase insurance online. I was actually interested in getting a quote, but halfway through, the application I was filling out disappeared, so I decided to call. The number they give is 1-855-mexpro1. It took about 20 mins to get to "homeowners insurance" option, (and they try their best to sell you all sorts of things before you can move on to another option... and when I did finally get to homeowner's insurance and got a person, it was AllState insurance Company, and they do NOT have anything to do with homeowner's insurance in Mexico. Nor do they know who Mexpro is. They told me that it sounds like a scam to them.
  • Glenn Wilson
    Thanks for letting us know. For what it's worth, after seeing your note, I tried the insurance website from the eBook and was able to quickly get a quote on homeowner insurance and then modify the coverage and get a second quote.

    I'm not endorsing the insurance advertised in the eBook because I know nothing about it, but as I say in the post about the free eBook:
    GW: This guide is not specific to SMA but it does have some useful background and general information if you are new to the subject.
  • Sharyn Bates
    My question would have to be...if you signed up for this insurance and paid for it...is it even real? Try the phone number too, as that is what I did that led me to Allstate insurance in the US, who do not offer any homeowner insurance in Mexoco, and who said it sounds fishy to them. Like you, I thought the e book sounded like a good idea...that's what led me to look at the insurance, and it looks as if the book exists to sell services and insurance rather than really giving information about the cost of living.
  • Glenn Wilson
    Mexpro is a well known and established insurance broker. I don't know what happened to your call but it sounds like it may have gotten routed incorrectly.
  • Sharyn Bates
    Glen, thank you for following up. I hope you are right...I really AM in the market for a good homeowner's policy. The phone number I dialed was: 1-855-mexpro1. The only choice for homeowner's insurance was after having to hear many other options that were all time wasters, and hard sells, and not optional to hear. Then Allstate.Anyway, I absolutely LOVE your san miguel FAQ, and hope you're not mad at me for reporting this experience! thanks, Sharyn
  • Glenn Wilson
    No, I'm not mad and I thank you for reporting your experience and I believe your experience. But Mexpro is a real company and have been for years. Earlier today I talked to a rep for a well known and respected insurance broker physically here in SMA that is a competitor of Mexpro and he also confirmed that they are a legitimate operation -- speaking of his competition.

    Still, buying insurance is "buyer beware" in my experience. :smile:
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