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    Bonnie Black: San Miguel de Allende is a relatively small old colonial city here in the central mountains of Mexico, but it is big – really big – in beauty and culture, civic awareness, and global involvement.

    Take, for example, the Climate Action Rally held here on Friday (September 20) in the city’s central Parque Juarez. The event was bilingual, multicultural, and multigenerational. Hundreds of people – from toddlers to octogenarians – took part.

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    San Miguel de Allende also joined the world march, right now in Benito Juarez Park they are gathered. And foreigners and Mexicans sing together in one voice for the climate.
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    School children (clearly not all of San Miguel’s school children got the day off, though) held signs and sang “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!” Older people wore T-shirts that read “Global Climate Strike” (in Spanish and English). Speakers from a dozen local environmental groups spoke passionately to the respectful gathering. One of the organizers led the group in a loud call-and-response: “Do not let our planet die!” — “Climate change is not a lie!”

    The WOW Factor: Signs Of Change In The Climate Crisis. More #WOWFactor.

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