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    If you want to post or comment on the site you do need to register.

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    This video goes over how to register an account on this website. That includes creating an account and confirming your email. It covers how to check your sign in status and your email confirmation status. It also explains what a hamburger menu is and how to use it. Hamburger menus are very common on mobile phones.

    Your user name can be your full name, or first name or a made up name or a pets name. It can't be deceptive (pretending to be another real person) or obscene.

    For a text-based description of confirming your email see: You need to confirm your email address.

    When you sign up on this site we need to confirm your email address to make sure the right email is associated with your account here. You will see a "pop up" that looks like this (similar but slightly different on mobile):

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    If you do not do that you will not have full access to this web site, will not be able to vote, start discussions or post comments.

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    If you do not see the confirmation email please check your spam folder.

    Accounts that have not confirmed their email may be deleted after a couple of days and will need to start the registration process over.

    If you need help registering or get stuck you can email me for assistance at .

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