• alan jordan
    ANGEL MEMBERS ($10,000 and up)
    *Alan Jordan

    PRIME MEMBERS ($5,000 - $9,999)

    CENTER STAGE MEMBERS ($1,000 - $4,999)
    *Orin Wise *Margaret Matin *Victoria & Glenn Wilson
    *Steve Hoffman *Anne Schwab *Mike & Marjorie Pope
    *Gwen MacDonald & Curt Firestone *Hope Haywood Boland
    *Maggie Woodley *Casa De La Noche

    KEY MEMBERS ($500 - $999)
    *Sherry & Norman Feldstein *Pat & Bill Harding * Mary Knopke
    *Richard Hochberg & David Cruz *Jill Gottlieb *Joseph Lown *DeLorna Johnson *Luisa Field

    CLUB MEMBERS ($100 - $499)
    *Mick Diener *Diane Varney *Nora Diehl *Christine Foster
    *Jo Sanders *Adele MacArthur *Bea Aaronson * Monica Ebaugh
    *Carol Renwick * Susan Rushton *Nora Weaver *Wendy Huntington
    *Tina Bueche *Pamela Morss *Susan Santiago *Jorge Garcia
    *Mark O’Neill *Henry Vermillian & Britt Zaist
    *Gloria Roth *Eleanor Goodwin *Murray Friedman *Gerry Juhl
    *Diane & Chuck Shamata *Larry Harris *Connie Sears *Susan Page
    *Richard Hochberg *Ann Hughes *Sherry & Woody McHarg
    *Elaine Smitham *Cynthia Claus *Theodore Englander
    *Kathleen Frazier *Ann Hughes *Ron Lenox *Ira Goldman
    *Julie Heifetz * Bobbi Van *Trudi Gardner *Amy Lautin
    * Harold James *Theresa Alexander *John Auld *Michael Dobbin
    *Wendy & Ken Bichel *Brigitte Fowler *Joan Nagelkirk
    *Cristopher Berns & Alexandra Bird * Margery Honig
    *Jane Wilkinson *Jack Ruback *Jo Kosewski *Tasha Paley
    *Dorothy & Paul Wallstein *Marc Taylor & Catherine Bryne
    *Lorna Reutner *Mary Norquist *Judith Chaikin *Andrew Teitel
    * Judith Jenya & Mark Johaningsmeir *Melissa Hirsch
    *Lawrence Dworsky * Stephan Benediktson *Joey Merrifield
    *Linda Hampton

    FRIENDS OF CAJA NEGRA (under $100)
    * Carole Browner & Richard Rosenthal *Lee Harris & Libbe Dennard
    *Ngaire Gallagher *Villa Semura Suka *Rebecca Carney
    *Mike Goot * Marthe Fraser *Bobbie Bell *Peggy Cole
    *Joanne Capper *Michelle & Terry Fitzpatrick *Alicia Rappoport
    *Patricia Smith *Jane Carroll *Susan Neulist *Thomas Hippert
    *Lisa Rall *Marilyn Driver *Margaret Paul *Gary Belkin & Ed Tudor

    (please let us know if your name is misspelled or missing and we will correct the error)

    There is much to do before our TWO OPEN HOUSE CELEBRATIONS this weekend. Please consider joining these generous theater patrons and donating to the future of Performing Arts in our great city.
    We care about your health and the health of our performers. Proof of vaccination is only necessary on your first visit and masks are necessary in the theater. Thank you.

    DONATION LINK: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=2QSFVRQNBGG92

    email ;
    tel. 415 688 6970
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