• Glenn Wilson
    Don Day: The Champagne Lady. That’s what they call Don Day’s Wife. For seldom a day goes by when she doesn’t tootle a flute of sparkling wine. It’s rarely real Champagne. Usually it’s a French Cremant. Occasionally, a Spanish Cava. And once-in-a-while, an Italian Prosecco.

    But this week we are in the home of Prosecco. Don Day’s Wife and I are in Venice. And with bottles still going for about 20 Euros in upscale restaurants, a lot of flutes of Prosecco are getting tootled.

    I’m a take-it-or-leave-it guy when it comes to sparkling wine but add a little something extra to the glass and you’ll perk up my interest. In some places that something extra is orange juice as in a Mimosa. Other times it’s cassis in a Kir Royale. In Venice that something extra is most often peaches. And the drink is called the Bellini.

    The cocktail is almost as old as I am. The year was 1948. The creator was Giuseppe Cipriani. Giuseppe was the son of Arrigo Cipriani, the owner of a bar called Harry’s. And yes, the original Harry’s…before there were all those other Harry’s.

    I felt it was my dutiful responsibility as a tourist to have a Bellini at the original Harry’s. ...

    Read more, including Don Day's recipe for The Perfect Bellini, at Don Day: When in Venice. More #DonDay.

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