• Oscar Ortega

    Every year in August and September came the Chiles en Nogada season, a typical dish based in chile poblano, meat, nuts, cream and more than 10 other ingredients. Chiles en nogada are a great culinary experience.

    As Mexican, I want to share with foreigners (expats) a cooking lesson experience where you will learn how to prepare Chiles en Nogada. As part of the experience you will learn about the story of Mexican Independence, the importance of San Miguel Allende in the independence process. During the cooking lesson we will share with you about different kind of chilis in Mexico, what kind of things you can prepare. The main part will be prepare our own Chile en Nogada from cleaning the chile poblano, prepare the meat and know how to cook the nogada sauce (with the family secret)

    Details of the lesson: Chiles en Nogada

    - Story about chiles en nogada: Why are so famous, how the dish was created.

    - Types of chiles: We will share different kind of chilis you can find in Mexico, know the difference, how spicy they are and what kind of dishes you can prepare

    - Cooking Chiles en Nogada: Prepare your own chiles en nogada. Learn how to clean a Chile poblano, prepare the meat and the sauce for nogada.
    - Dinner: time to enjoy the Chiles en Nogada with Jamaica fresh water and dessert

    The cooking lesson will be at my home next August 25th at 16:00hrs. near the train station. The cost for the lesson is 25 USD (Includes the lesson, dinner with one Chile en Nogad, Water and dessert)

    If you would like to participate please send me an email at or call/WhatsApp +52 155 2886 9100. (Reservation needed)

    Since I don´t use to do these lessons, it's very possible that this will be the only one, unless many of you want to come. The max number of people that I can receive at home is 12 persons.

    Oscar Ortega
  • Glenn Wilson
    That sounds great and thanks for posting!
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