• Sarah Ash
    If in a medical emergency you would want to be evacuated to the home hospital of your choice in the USA, Canada or in Mexico, then you need a SkyMed Medical Evacuation Plan.

    As the SkyMed Team Leader, Mexico, I have discounts and local special offers that are not available online or from head office.

    Within the Basic Service Area, a SkyMed evacuation is by Member's Choice and not limited to when "medically necessary" or to "nearest adequate medical facility" as with many "look alike" plans, who claim to be "just like SkyMed!" but are not.

    SkyMed out-performs all other plans for snowbirds and expats who spend time in Mexico. SkyMed guarantees renewal and will not cancel members due to age or future medical conditions. Therefore, all future medical conditions are also covered as long as you renew on time.

    The most popular plans include return flights after recovery, pet and vehicle return, physical remains return, helicopter and grounds ambulance.

    Your SkyMed plan can even cover you for free commercial flights home if you receive a serious diagnosis but are not hospitalized, if you need immediate further testing and /or treatment to avoid deterioration of your condition.

    Come and find out why so many expats and snowbirds trust SkyMed and how SkyMed covers so many more medical emergency evacuation needs than any other plan.

    SkyMed Seminar:
    When: Thursday, September 19th at 12 NOON.
    Where: Buen Dia Cafe, Hidalgo #42, Centro

    Special seminar discounts and local offers will be available at this event.
    Significant Rate Protection available on the most popular plans.

    Space is limited. Please RSVP directly to me, Sarah Ash
    Sarah Ash
    SkyMed Team Leader / Mexico

    Mexican Cell: 415-125-3537
    USA Cell: 928-255-0220

    “SkyMed: 30 years saving lives and nest eggs!”
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