• Glenn Wilson
    Rancho Santa Clara Al: The rainy summer season is slinking away without the landscape reaching its peak kelly-green hue: We've had only half the amount of rain we normally get. I gauge rainfall by the amount of water collected in our cistern and it's only half-full. No reason to panic though: As I write this, dark clouds hover auspiciously overhead; maybe the rains are not done yet.

    Rain or no, I'm not complaining. Temperatures at the ranch have been in the 80s during the day, and down to 60—or even the fifties!—at night. It's light-comforter sleeping weather and a blessed relief from the oppressive heat we encountered in San Antonio during our three weeks there, in August, when Stew had back surgery.

    To pass the time during his convalescence we toured four of the five beautiful Franciscan missions around San Antonio. We were so grateful for the air-conditioning in some of them that we almost felt like praying. Forget St. Anthony, I say to San Antonians, and make St. Friedrich Frigidaire your patron saint.

    During the summer, things in our life went up, down and sideways, though mostly up, for which Stew and I are very grateful. Here's a roundup ...

    More at Life at Rancho Santa Clara: Constabulary notes from here, there and yon. If you like Al's writing, while you're there, you can "Join the Santa Clara Club!" More #RanchoSantaClara.

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