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    If you need money from an ATM get it before this long holiday weekend.
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    If you have ever lived in Mexico for an extended period of time, then you have likely seen the ridiculously long lines at the ATM in Mexico. It will only happen some days, and then life will continue normally until a couple of weeks have passed when it seems that the lines have grown terrible again. ...

    La Quincena—in case you had never heard the term before—is the 15th and the 30th of every month. This is when the majority of Mexicans get paid. ...

    If you live in a pueblo magico, it can be even worse, because you get an influx of tourists that stretch the cash-dispensing capabilities of the pueblo’s limited economic infrastructure. Especially in touristy pueblos, you might not be able to find cash for several days after because it takes some time to restock ATMs. ...

    The worst-case scenario is if your Quincena Friday should happen to fall on a Puente. “Puente”, meaning “bridge” in Spanish, is the term for a 3-day weekend in Mexico. If you should happen to have a Mexican holiday land on Friday the 15th, then you can expect conditions similar to Black Friday in the United States.

    Read more at: La Quincena: How to Avoid Long Lines at the ATM in Mexico.

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  • Reminder Bunny
    Reminder: The 30th is Thursday. Monday is Constitution Day so this will be a long weekend. If you need cash from an ATM for this week or weekend, consider getting it earlier in the week. Just in case.
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