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    “Caja Negra Performing Arts”, San Miguel’s new performing arts center, opening in November, will feature professionally taught theater classes for children and teens. Won’t that be something special!

    Classes will be taught by professional bi-lingual actors and craftspeople, and will include; acting, set design, directing and writing.

    Our long term goal is to create a “Caja Negra Young Company” that will present offerings to the public.
    Students unable to afford classes, but have sincere interest in being involved, will be subsidized by our generous Patrons. (Patrons listed below)

    The Young Peoples Theater program will be designed by myself, Alan Jordan.
    In addition to my 40 plus years as a professional actor in Canada and United States, I founded and directed a successful adult and teenage level studio called “The Actors Workshop” in Toronto and also ACT, Actors Repertory Company, also in Toronto.
    I also was an adjunct teacher for high school performers in Eastern Canada and an advisor to the Young Conservatory at American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco.

    Professional level acting classes, in my experience, can be an extraordinary and enlightening experience for a young person. It gives children and teens a safe haven to express themselves and relate to their peers on a totally safe, creative stage.

    I believe - just as a person apprentices with a master carpenter or chef to learn a craft - it’s essential to work with professional actors and maestros to learn the magical art and technical aspects of theater.

    One very important advantage of an active thriving theater program for children and teens is that it introduces them to the excitement, and wonderment of theater. In a few years these teens will be adults and will likely become part of an active theater community either on stage and/or part of a theater loving audience.

    I feel our Young People’s program will ultimately create an audience that best represents San Miguel’s unique mix of Mexican and foreign born residents and visitors.

    Yes, your financial support of CAJA NEGRA PERFORMING ARTS is paying for the nuts and bolts construction of our stages, audience risers and seating, theatrical LED lighting, sound equipment, actor’s greenroom, curtains etc.

    Your dollars and pesos will also support our Young Peoples Theater program and subsidize children and teens that are unable to pay for classes.

    Patrons will be acknowledged on our Founders Wall in the theater, and in all of our printed programs. I would love for you to be a part of this exclusive family and to acknowledge your support for theater arts.

    Your donations can be made direct to the Donation link included here. (credit cards are accepted, no need to be a PayPal member)

    Tax receipts, for substantial donations, can be arranged by contacting us directly at:
    Teatro Caja Negra email address:[url=http://] [/url]
    I’m very proud to be invited as the guest speaker at the Rotary Club on October 12 to talk about CAJA NEGRA PERFORMING ARTS. It’s time for theater!
    With sincere appreciation, Alan Jordan, Artistic Director

    * Orin Wise *Margaret Matin *Victoria & Glenn Wilson
    *Steve Hoffman *Anne Schwab *Mike & Marjorie Pope
    *Gwen McDonald & Curt Firestone *Sherry & Norman Feldstein
    *Pat & Bill Harding *Mick Diener *Nora Diehl *Christine Foster
    *Jo Sanders *Adele MacArthur *Bea Aaronson * Monica Ebaugh
    *Carol Renwick * Susan Rushton *Nora Weaver *Wendy Huntington
    *Kristine Bueche *Pamela Morss *Jorge Garcia *Mark O’Neill
    *Casa De La Noche *Gloria Roth *Eleanor Goodwin *Michael Dobbin
    *Murray Friedman *Larry Harris *Connie Sears *Susan Page
    *Richard Hochberg *Ann Hughes *Ron Lenox *Ira Goldman
    *Elaine Smitham *Cynthia Claus *Susan Santiago *Trudi Gardner
    *Theresa Alexander *Kathleen Frazier *John Auld
    * Carole Browner & Richard Rosenthal *Lee Harris & Libbe Dennard
    *Ngaire Gallagher *Ginger Juhl *Villa Semura Suka *Mike Goot
    *Henry Vermillian & Britt Zaist * Marthe Fraser *Bobbie Bell
    *Peggy Cole *Joanne Capper *Judith Jenya & Mark Johaningsmeir
    *Patricia Smith *Jane Carroll *Susan Neulist *Thomas Hippert
    *Lisa Rall *Marilyn Driver *Jill Gottlieb *Alan Jordan

    I would love for you to be a part of this exclusive family and to acknowledge your support for theater arts.
    We have a long way to go. Please consider supporting CAJA NEGRA PERFORMING ARTS

    with appreciation, Alan Jordan, Artistic Director
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