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    When you sign up on this site we need to confirm your email address to make sure the right email is associated with your account here. You will see a "pop up" that looks like this (similar but slightly different on mobile):
    That means you need to go to your email and find the email we just sent you and click on the link in that email. That confirms you have access to your email account.

    If you do not do that you will not have full access to this web site, will not be able to vote, start discussions or post comments. You might see something like this:

    If you do not see the email, check your spam folder. It may take a minute to show up. If you still don't see it you can try re-sending it by clicking "here" in that pop up.

    If you entered your email incorrectly when you signed up you will never get the email. If that happened, sign up again with your correct email and let us know about the incorrect one so we can delete that account.

    If you have already confirmed your email address you do not need to click on the link to confirm again. Clicking it again or after a day or so may result in an error message but that is harmless.

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