• Glenn Wilson

    By Sin Embargo.

    Lacking government support and effective oversight, drug rehab centers in Mexico are being exploited by organized crime groups, which are taking advantage of their anarchical state to disappear people and recruit lookouts, hitmen and drug dealers.

    While the phenomenon is well-known, it does not seem to be of interest to the authorities or society at large, but rather only to those directly affected by it. Meanwhile, the consumption of drugs, such as marihuana and methamphetamines, has already surpassed alcohol consumption in some states. Nevertheless, access to adequate addiction treatment remains limited.

    *This investigation was carried out by SinEmbargo. It has been edited for clarity and reprinted with permission. It does not necessarily reflect the views of InSight Crime. Read the original in Spanish here.

    The Mexican Government has long overlooked the issues surrounding addiction rehab centers. While they continue to be featured in political campaigns and national development plans, nothing materializes, as it is considered to be a burden that neither the municipalities, nor the states, nor the federal government, are willing to bear – even less so now that funding for civil society organizations has been cut off. ...

    Continue reading at InSight Crime: Mexico Cartels Find Recruitment Target - Drug Rehab Centers. More #InSightCrime.

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