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    Alan Jordan, Caja Negra and Me

    by Jill Gottlieb

    I wanted to be a professional actor since I was 12 years old. I studied, practiced, performed, and worked hard until I was 32 years old. Why did I stop? Because when my daughter was eight years old she told her 3rd grade teacher that she didn't have any parents and so she wouldn't be able to write her homework assignment about family. I was in the middle of professional theater production at the time, and it would be my last show for 20 years. In exchange, our family became the focus of our lives, and instead of rehearsals we went on Gottlieb Family Adventures. My husband and I abandoned our 'day jobs' and went to have careers in the business world.

    Fast forward to me at 50 years old when I was lucky enough to choose San Miguel as my next home. Little did I know there was English language theater here. Slowly as we settled in and became active members of the very small but vibrant theater community in SMA, I rediscovered and rekindled my love for acting. It took some time to get 'good' again, but as in my youth I studied, practiced and performed as much as I could. I did innumerable play readings, and shows with Players Workshop, and Taylor Korobow. And it was after many years working in SMA, that Alan Jordan asked me to do By The Waters of Babylon. That's when I knew I was 'back.'

    Alan is simply the best. I was a huge fan of his. His single-handed performances of House, I Am My Own Wife, and Diary of a Madman, each a nuanced characterization and performance were breathtaking. So when he asked me to act with Erik Zavala in 'Babylon' I jumped at the chance. Little did we know then, but Caja Negra grew from there. And now it's a super talented company of actors, designers, and staff with Alan Jordan as Artistic Director.

    Why do artists want to work with Alan? He knows how to work with artists. As a Director, I liken him a bit to a master chef. He knows exactly what ingredients to use, how to mix and blend the recipe to create the perfect dish. I learned more about acting and character development in the month we rehearsed 'Babylon' than I can remember. And I know my performance in that, a performance in which I was told time and again by other actors that they didn't see any 'me' in the character; the credit is due to Alan's direction that took me out of my comfort zones in the most supportive and embracing way.

    My parents taught me growing up that I should try to always do my best, no matter what. That's why I feel a kindred spirit in Alan. That's what our company Caja Negra embodies; a vision of excellence and the hard work to match. And now with our residence at Casa de la Noche, with the help of many generous patrons to accomplish, we embark upon a new chapter of theater making.

    If you enjoy professional multicultural theater, please support our theater at Casa de la Noche by donating to Caja Negra.
    DONATION LINK: https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=375UHSPGERPTC

    CONTACT CAJA NEGRA: [url=http://][/url]

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