• Glenn Wilson
    We had dinner last night with friends at Zumo. It was our first time there and the place is beautiful. The rooftop dining room has great views. We made the reservation last Friday and let them know one vegan was in the party.

    The only vegan item on the menu was the Habanero Gazpacho so I had to try it. It was delicious. Smooth, nice texture and taste. The habanero slices were hot, of course, but worked well with the cool soup.


    They also offered me a special vegan mushroom salad. Crisp, fresh and also delicious. The mushrooms were earthy and "meaty."


    My dining partners started with the Burrata Cheese salad that they all loved. Three of them had Braised Short Rib and one had the Salmon.


    For dessert they split servings of cheese cake, chocolate tamale and creme brulée.


    All of the food was delicious and the service was top-notch.

    Google Maps | Trip Advisor | Website

    Quebrada 93, Zona Centro,
    Centro, 37750 San Miguel de Allende, Gto.

    (415) 152 0489

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  • Sherry Harper
    So good! Great atmosphere with fantastic company. We all agreed we would go back. And the view - both of centro and a fabulous sunset.
  • Helen Dickson
    Hi Glenn,
    Seeing you are Vegan I was wondering if you are familiar with a shop in Queretaro called Mr. Tofu which has lots of Vegan Products including the Beyond Meat Products. The owner is seriously considering opening a shop in San Miguel. He is visiting here soon and was asking if people want to order any of his products he will bring them with him. If you or any other Vegans or non Vegans who want to try some of the myriad of products that he has you can contact him.
  • Glenn Wilson
    Thanks Helen. I am curious about Beyond Meat and the other faux meats but I doubt I would be a regular customer for that sort of thing. I try (sometimes more successfully than others) to avoid "vegan products" as opposed to whole plant based food.
  • Helen Dickson
    So do I but for those that are in the process of going Vegan it is a good way to transition. I only used the Beyond Meat as an example of some of the products they stock. You should though do yourself a favour and take a look at their website and their huge product range.
  • Glenn Wilson
    This website, right?
    Lots of stuff. Interesting ...
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