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    SMAFAQ does not charge for posts about your business, service, charity, or event. You can also post general information or ask questions of the SMAFAQ community.

    SMAFAQ is a self-service platform that our members can use to post information of interest to the community. Please feel free to post (create a "New Discussion") on SMAFAQ. Your post will normally be automatically included in the next daily email which is sent to our daily subscribers.

    Read these two posts for some background on how it works and how to do it:
    How to get a post on SMAFAQ.

    Creating Discussions and Comments.

    To comment or post on the site you need to be a member (not just an email subscriber): How to Register.

    I'm glad to help, let me know if you have any questions or run into any issues at .

    If you post a recurring event (weekly, monthly, etc) it is your responsibility to monitor it and answer questions that may come up from time to time. If you do not respond to user questions on a post within 48 hours I may remove the post. You should also note exceptions as they come up "We are not meeting this Wednesday because ..."

    If you have questions about this post please email Glenn Wilson at .

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