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    News and Coronavirus Update:
    • Most COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts outbreak among vaccinated.
    • Covid infections in GTO doubled during July.
    • NY Times: Tracking Coronavirus in Mexico.
    • He fell ill with the 'flu', took medicine without a prescription and died.
    • The puppy 'Alpha' was murdered.
    • Bar owners in Querétaro ask for more hours and use SMA as an 'example.'
    • Another festival in September.
    • Police Shoot Dog.
    • Tradition and Murals.
    • Bekeb.
    • Mexico breaks a new third wave record with 19,346 covid infections.
    • C.D.C. Internal Report Calls Delta Variant as Contagious as Chickenpox.
    • They put traffic lights up for the new supermarket.
    • In 5 years SMA approved to build more than 10 thousand homes.
    • Wear a Mask.
    • Caturday morning cartoons.

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    Most COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts outbreak among vaccinated.
    Three-quarters of people infected with COVID-19 at July public events in a town on Cape Cod in Massachusetts were fully vaccinated, a study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed.

    The study, published on Friday, suggested the Delta variant of the virus was highly contagious. The outbreak occurred in Provincetown on Cape Cod, according to Barnstable County health authorities.

    The CDC study found vaccinated individuals had a similar amount of virus presence as the unvaccinated, suggesting that, unlike with other variants, vaccinated people infected with the Delta variant could transmit the virus, the CDC said.
    GW: Massachusetts, not Mexico. But Delta. And, we know we have the Delta variant in SMA.

    Covid infections in GTO doubled during July.
    During July, Covid-19 infections in Guanajuato increased by 263% and most of the cases were registered in people between 20 and 39 years old.
    El Sol de Bajio (sp) | English.

    COVID has killed 34 children between 0 and 17 years old in Guanajuato.
    They have died as a result of COVID since the beginning of the pandemic, women predominate. Guanajuato is the fifth state in the country with the most deaths among children under 17 years of age; record the increase in positive cases during the last week of July
    Periódico AM (sp) | English.

    Tracking Coronavirus in Mexico: Latest Map and Case Count.
    The New York Times.

    He fell ill with the 'flu', took medicine without a prescription and died.
    By Gladis Montserrat Padrón Bautista

    San Miguel de Allende, Gto. - Two days with the 'flu' were enough to end his life; Relatives of a young girl from "Los Rodríguez" in San Miguel de Allende demand that the authorities determine if there is any crime to prosecute, since the woman consumed medication ...

    So far it is unknown if the death is related to COVID-19 or any of its variants or if the ingested drug caused a reaction.
    TV Independencia (sp) | English.

    The puppy 'Alpha' was murdered.
    SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE. - It was the afternoon of last Wednesday, when Alpha and Nala went out with Margarita, their owner, for a walk. They always did it because it is their favorite place. It was 6:30 in the afternoon, the sun still illuminated the afternoon and the Presa Allende area is always a good ...
    News San Miguel (sp) | English.

    Bar owners in Querétaro ask for more hours and use SMA as an 'example' that there are no restrictions.
    SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE.- In Querétaro, the members of the Association of Traditional Canteens of Querétaro, Pulquerías and Bars, putting San Miguel de Allende as an "EXAMPLE" that in its establishments and nightclubs "there are no restrictions" or measures to controlled capacity to enjoy the party.
    News San Miguel (sp) | English.

    Another festival in September in addition to Independence and Saint Michael.
    September may be the favorite month (after December) not only for Mexicans, but for foreign visitors as well.
    Atención San Miguel

    Police Shoot Dog.
    San Miguel de Allende, Gto. - July 30, 2021. - On the afternoon of July 29 in Colonia Santa Julia, a member of the mounted police shot and killed a dog after it tried to bite a horse. The Ministry of Public Security indicated the conduct of the police officer was serious.
    Noticias Con Valor (sp) | English.

    Tradition and Murals.
    It’s 9 in the morning and Don Mauro Quintero knows that he has to load his burro with a few liters of water and bags to carry the stones. “Chó, chó,” he calls, and the burro quickly climbs the winding road. Don Mauro has walked the trail hundreds, maybe thousands of times. It makes...
    Atención San Miguel

    Fabiola Padilla loves the culinary industry, its people, and the atmosphere of conviviality that comes with a bar. This is why she opened her restaurant and bar Bekeb in San Miguel de Allende, located only three blocks from the Jardín Principal.
    Atención San Miguel

    Mexico breaks a new third wave record with 19,346 covid infections.
    The Mexican Ministry of Health reported 19,346 new cases of covid-19 this Friday, the highest daily figure since last January 23 when the authorities registered 20,057 infections.
    Infobae (sp) | English.

    C.D.C. Internal Report Calls Delta Variant as Contagious as Chickenpox.
    The Delta variant is much more contagious, more likely to break through protections afforded by the vaccines and may cause more severe disease than all other known versions of the virus, according to an internal presentation circulated within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky, the director of the agency, acknowledged on Tuesday that vaccinated people with so-called breakthrough infections of the Delta variant carry just as much virus in the nose and throat as unvaccinated people, and may spread it just as readily, if less often. ...

    The Delta variant is more transmissible than the viruses that cause MERS, SARS, Ebola, the common cold, the seasonal flu and smallpox, and it is as contagious as chickenpox, according to the document, a copy of which was obtained by The New York Times.
    The New York Times

    They put traffic lights up for the new supermarket less than 200 meters from those in the Underpass.
    SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE.- For the new shopping center next to the underpass they closed the avenue for days to carry out work, but also they will receive TRAFFIC LIGHTS, the kind that we pay with public taxes.
    News San Miguel (sp) | English.

    In 5 years SMA approved to build more than 10 thousand homes; most cost upwards of 105 thousand ... dollars.
    SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE.– In the last 2 administrations, the real estate boom was the main "business" in San Miguel de Allende. To the Heritage City, the multi-award winner by magazines, which they named as "the best" of a list on the Internet, the one that took care of its environment, that respected its historic center and ...
    News San Miguel (sp) | English.
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    U.S. Embassy News, Updates, and Information
    The latest security, health and passport processing updates.
    U.S. Embassy News, Updates, and Information.
    Latest updates:
    • Security Alert: Reports of increased criminal activity, Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon. July 13, 2021.
    • Security Alert – U.S. Consulate General Tijuana, Mexico – July 12, 2021.
    COVID-19 Home and Care Guide
    COVID-19 Medical Information for San Miguel de Allende Mexico
    Up-to-date information regarding the current coronavirus. Learn about how to protect yourself and your family from COVID-19, and what to do if you experience symptoms.
    Home and Care Guide

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    List of Health First Certified Establishments.
    Portal | Direct link to list of Certified Establishments | Certified Hotels | Gyms, spas, clubs, sports centers.
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    Caturday morning cartoons.

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