• Glenn Wilson
    Update Nov 2019: Mexico Relaxes the Requirements to Import Pets from the U.S. and Canada.

    "You can take your pets to Mexico: Mexican customs will allow you to introduce domestic pets (cats or dogs) to Mexico, provided that you have the correct zoo-sanitary paperwork in order and the animal(s) appear in good health on arrival. ...

    Each airline has its own rules about taking pets when you travel (and how many pets they will transport per passenger or family group). ...

    You will need to present your health certificates to the zoo sanitary kiosk at the port of entry in Mexico for your pet to be allowed into the country."
    Mexperience: Bringing Pets to Mexico.

    That Mexperience: Bringing Pets to Mexico write-up is excellent and has a lot of useful information, please read the whole thing. Check with your airline on their current rules, if you are flying, and make sure you have the health certificate. How do you get the health certificate? You get it from your veterinarian.

    "When traveling with your pet(s), there may be animal health requirements specific for that destination. As soon as you know your travel details, contact your local veterinarian to assist with the pet travel process. Factors to consider may include meeting time frames for obtaining a health certificate, updating vaccinations, diagnostic testing, or administration of medications/ treatments."
    USDA: Take your pet from the United States to a foreign country (Export).

    Your veterinarian should be able to perform any necessary treatment and prepare the required health certificate paperwork for you, or refer you to someone who can. But, if they have any questions about the requirements for the health certificate have them go to this web site:
    USDA: Pet travel from the U.S. to Mexico.
    This has the required health/medical information, the required forms and the instructions for your vet for bringing your cat or dog to Mexico. The USDA maintains that information and keeps it current.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    As an aside, from the website above USDA: Take your pet from the United States to a foreign country (Export) you can "Choose your destination country" from a drop down. If you pick Mexico you will be taken to USDA: Pet travel from the U.S. to Mexico (listed above). If you select a country that the USDA does not have the requirements for, you will be directed to: USDA: Pet Travel - Requirements Not Known.

    Update Sept 21, 2019, also see:
    Bringing Your Pet into Mexico: New 2017 Laws are Being Enforced!
    Flying into Mexico last week with Bella, our miniature dachshund, turned into a nightmare. We flew into the Puerto Vallarta International airport, as we have many times in the past 17 years, and proceeded, as always, to the Mexican Agricultural desk (zoo sanitary kiosk with the acronym SAGARPA) before entering Customs (Aduana). We presented the documents that have always been accepted, a current rabies vaccination certificate and a Health Certificate from a vet in the U.S. that had been prepared two days before travel. We have always successfully imported our dogs using these papers whether we flew or drove into Mexico, though they were rarely asked for when we drove across the border.

    Things aren’t that simple with dog and cat importation into Mexico anymore. We found out the hard way that there is a new, more stringent law regarding cats and dogs entering Mexico, effective January 1, 2017. Apparently, Mexico started enforcing the new requirements in February 2017 and neither our U.S. vet nor our Mexican vet in Sayulita knew about the changes because both of our current Health Certificates from these vets were unacceptable when we presented our documents to the SAGARPA agent at the Puerto Vallarta airport. It was going to be a long afternoon.
    Bringing Your Pet into Mexico: New 2017 Laws are Being Enforced!

    Update Oct 3, 2019, also see:
    If you travel with your dog or cat. In Mexico, only dogs and cats are considered pets!

    Upon entering Mexico ...
    AICM Office of Agricultural Health Inspection (OISA)
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  • Dagmar Bischoff Garfinkel
    If you plan to bring your pets from the US, ask your vet ahead of time how much he/she will charge for that vet certificate. We didn't ask -- and got ripped off big time in Houston.
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