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    News and Coronavirus Update:
    • New Covid infections in GTO and Mexico increase.
    • Mortality and lethality of COVID-19 fell dramatically in third wave.
    • Return to classes in GTO would begin days before the third wave COVID peak.
    • Mexico reportedly close to approving treatment against COVID-19.
    • Authorities begin demanding proof of vaccination or negative test result.
    • Jovenes Adelante–the Journey of Destinos Brillantes Begins for the Class of 2021.
    • World-Class Classical Music Returns to San Miguel.
    • Charco’s 30th anniversary celebrated by a small group.
    • These are the products sold in Vicente Fox's marijuana store in SMA.
    • AstraZeneca second dose doesn't raise risk of rare blood clots.
    • England expected to welcome double-vaccinated U.S. and EU tourists.
    • Do you have these symptoms? It could be COVID.
    • U.S. urges vaccinated Americans to wear masks indoors.
    • SSG refines details against the pandemic.
    • Regularization of business in SMA.
    • IEEG presents final list for the State Congress.
    • Celebrate Anado!
    • Wear a Mask.
    • Just act normal.

    How to register for the Covid Vaccine in Mexico - Now Open for 18+ year olds.

    How to Get Your Official Vaccination Certificate and Submit Corrections.

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    The Latest News
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    Guanajuato adds 226 new infections of Covid-19.
    Guanajuato accumulated 226 new coronavirus infections in the last day, the Guanajuato Health Secretariat reported that the entity reached 137 thousand 357 positive cases.

    This is the highest number of coronavirus infections recorded since positive cases began to rebound.

    León is the municipality that added the most infections in the last hours when registering 85, followed by Irapuato with 37, Salamanca 20, Acámbaro 10, Celaya 10, San Miguel de Allende eight, Apaseo El Grande seven, Salvatierra seven, San José Iturbide six, Guanajuato five, Uriangato five, Jerécuaro four, Tarandacuao four, Apaseo el Alto three, Cortazar three, Juventino Rosas two, San Francisco del Rincón two, San Luis de la Paz two, Comonfort one, Coroneo one, Doctor Mora one, San Felipe one , Silao one and Valle de Santiago a contagion.
    El Sol de Bajio (sp) | English.

    GTO: 46 hospitalized with Covid-19.
    GUANAJUATO. - In Guanajuato, to date there are 137,131 confirmed cases of Covid-19, according to data from the State Health Secretariat, of which there are 11,331 deaths and 123,966 recovered cases, and there are 1,834 active cases.
    News San Miguel (sp) | English.

    GTO: Infections are rising among those aged 20 to 39, most have not been vaccinated.
    Most of the COVID infections in Guanajuato reported until July 25 are concentrated among those between 20 and 39 years old.
    Periódico AM (sp) | English.

    Mexico reports 17,408 new cases of coronavirus, the highest number since January.
    The Mexican Ministry of Health reported on Tuesday 17,408 new cases of covid-19, the highest daily figure since last January 27 when the authorities reported 17,944 infections. ...

    Mexico registered these figures in the middle of the third wave of infections and after reporting increases last week of more than 15,000 new cases, levels not seen since the peak of last January, the most critical period of the pandemic in the country.
    Infobae (sp) | English.

    López-Gatell: mortality and lethality of COVID-19 fell dramatically in third wave.
    The Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, pointed out that the death rate from COVID-19 in Mexico, due to the third wave, is significantly lower than the first and second, by 2%; that is, there is a 77% reduction compared to the first wave, and 87% compared to the' second wave.

    López-Gatell indicated that, although we certainly have a rebound, 'the third wave' in Mexico (...), in countries with access to vaccines, such as Mexico, "it allows us to have an important change in the face of the pandemic."
    Infobae (sp) | English.
    GW: This was expected as we wrote about six months ago: Vaccinate the 20% of the country that represent 95% of the deaths.

    Return to classes in Guanajuato would begin days before the third wave COVID peak.
    University of Washington projects a third COVID wave peak between September 10 and 13 in Guanajuato with days of up to 40 deaths.
    Periódico AM (sp) | English.

    Distance, mask and CO2 measurement are essential for back to school.
    The infectologist Juan Luis Mosqueda recommends distance between students, all with face masks and CO2 measurement for a safe return to class.
    Periódico AM (sp) | English.

    Mexico close to approving treatment against COVID-19 that reduces risk of hospitalization and death by up to 70%
    Cofepris reported that the request for the combination of drugs for emergency use was pending.

    The Committee for New Molecules (CMN), and the Subcommittee for the Evaluation of Biotechnological Products (SEPB), held the 81st extraordinary session to issue a technical opinion on the combination of the drugs Bamlanivimab / Etesevimab, which received a unanimous favorable opinion from of experts and experts, reported Cofepris.
    Infobae (sp) | English.

    Authorities begin demanding proof of vaccination or negative test result.
    Authorities in at least two states have announced that people have to show proof of vaccination or a negative test result in public places.
    Mexico News Daily

    Jovenes Adelante–the Journey of Destinos Brillantes Begins for the Class of 2021.
    Jóvenes Adelante’s (JA) 34 new 2021 scholars will gather en masse for the first time meeting in person with the staff and support team that make Jóvenes Adelante’s scholarship program uniquely successful
    Atención San Miguel

    World-Class Classical Music Returns to San Miguel.
    For the first time ever, Pro Musica presents a summer season of live classical music so you can once again listen to world-class performers in person after the long interruption caused by the worst of the pandemic.
    Atención San Miguel

    Charco’s 30th anniversary celebrated by a small group.
    The Charco del Ingenio nature preserve was given to the people of San Miguel thirty years ago, accompanied by pre-Columbian rituals.
    Atención San Miguel

    These are the products sold in Vicente Fox's marijuana store in San Miguel de Allende.
    SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE. - In San Miguel de Allende the first store of products derived from marijuana opened, "Paradise" is the name of the company that offers these products, and it was brought by the former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox Quesada.
    News San Miguel (sp) | English.

    AstraZeneca second dose doesn't raise risk of rare blood clots - study.
    July 28 (Reuters) - AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine carries a small extra risk of rare blood clots with low platelets after the first dose and no extra risk after the second, a study led and funded by the drugmaker showed on Wednesday, after worries over side-effects.

    The study, published in the Lancet medical journal, found that the estimated rate of thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) after the first dose was 8.1 per million in those inoculated, AstraZeneca (AZN.L)said.

    After the second dose of the vaccine, branded Vaxzevria and invented by Oxford University, the rate was 2.3 per million, comparable to that seen in unvaccinated people, the Anglo-Swedish company added.

    England expected to welcome double-vaccinated U.S. and EU tourists -FT.
    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is on Wednesday expected to approve the reopening of England's doors to double-vaccinated tourists from the European Union and the United States, Financial Times reported on Tuesday.

    Do you have these symptoms? Isolate yourself and ask for medical help, it could be COVID.
    The Secretary of Health warned of the symptoms of COVID that can be confused with flu or intestinal infection.
    Periódico AM (sp) | English.

    U.S. urges vaccinated Americans to wear masks indoors in many places.
    WASHINGTON, July 27 (Reuters) - Americans fully vaccinated against COVID-19 should go back to wearing masks in indoor public places in regions where the coronavirus is spreading rapidly, U.S. health authorities said on Tuesday.

    In a toughening of guidance issued earlier this month, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also recommended all students, teachers and staff at schools for kindergarten through 12th grade wear masks regardless of whether they were vaccinated.

    U.S. coronavirus cases have been rising due to the highly contagious Delta variant, which emerged in India but has quickly spread and now accounts for more than 80% of U.S. coronavirus cases.

    SSG refines details against the pandemic.
    “Yesterday (Monday) we had a meeting with the mayors of all the municipalities and some of the authorities that are going to have a change in their municipal administration, precisely to give continuity to this community prevention strategy, health promotion against Covid -19 and do planning, because each of the municipalities has events that can get out of control, that mass events can be held and that can bring more infections, then it is to plan what comes at the municipal level and in the communities too,” said the Secretary of Health during his speech on state television TV4, where he reports daily on the panorama of Covid-19 in the entity.

    Daniel Díaz Martínez said that now more than ever and in view of the increase in cases that have been registered in the state and in the country, crowds and meetings that are not a priority should be avoided, as well as continue to use the mask, keep hand washing, use of alcohol gel
    El Sol de Bajio (sp) | English.

    Regularization of business in SMA: Municipality awaits publication of program in official newspaper of the State Government.
    As of July 27, 2021. - In San Miguel de Allende there are 1,341 businesses that operate without anyone demanding the use of land, businesses that have been operating for years.
    News San Miguel (sp) | English.

    IEEG presents final list for the State Congress; they will take office on September 25.
    GUANAJUATO.- The Electoral Institute of the State of Guanajuato (IEEG) presented the final list of the deputies that will make up the LXV Legislature of the Congress of Guanajuato.
    News San Miguel (sp) | English.

    Celebrate Anado!
    A celebration to mark the life, art, and friendships of Anado McLauchlin, who died on Easter Sunday, will be held on August 7, from 1-5pm, at Casa de las Ranas in La Cieneguita. Like Anado himself, it will be exuberant, wacky and colorful.

    The afternoon will center around an exhibition by his artist triends, curated by Richard Schultz, Anado’s husband.

    “Please come even if you did not know Anado” said Mr. Schultz, “This is a celebration, not a memorial so please dress festively.”
    Atención San Miguel
    Looking for a vaccine appointment in the US?
    Try Vaccine Spotter: https://www.vaccinespotter.org/
    "A tool to help you track down COVID-19 vaccine appointment openings at your state's pharmacies. Rather than searching around on each pharmacy's website, we'll automatically scan the pharmacy websites and show you any available appointments we can find on one page."
    U.S. Embassy News, Updates, and Information
    The latest security, health and passport processing updates.
    U.S. Embassy News, Updates, and Information.
    Latest updates:
    • Security Alert: Reports of increased criminal activity, Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon. July 13, 2021.
    • Security Alert – U.S. Consulate General Tijuana, Mexico – July 12, 2021.
    COVID-19 Home and Care Guide
    COVID-19 Medical Information for San Miguel de Allende Mexico
    Up-to-date information regarding the current coronavirus. Learn about how to protect yourself and your family from COVID-19, and what to do if you experience symptoms.
    Home and Care Guide

    From the COVID FB SMA page
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    List of Health First Certified Establishments.
    Portal | Direct link to list of Certified Establishments | Certified Hotels | Gyms, spas, clubs, sports centers.
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