• Glenn Wilson
    Mexpatriate Steve: A couple years ago, a reader from Ajijic spent a week in Barra de Navidad.

    She was singularly unimpressed with my hometown on the beach. She described it as "what Six Flags would build as a Mexican Village." (The next time you need a good example to prove Benjamin Dreyer's distinction that "Funniness is not irony. Coincidence is not irony. Weirdness is not irony. Rain on your wedding day is not irony. Irony is irony.", feel free to use the first two sentences of this paragraph.)

    I reacted the same way all provincial chauvinists do. I was morally indignant. In that same way grandparents get when you point out that their granddaughter's rendition of "Feelings" at her grade school recital was not going to eclipse the memory of Maria Callas's E flat in the Mexico City performance of Aida -- and their best defense is: "Well, she was no worse than the others."

    My defensive grandparent mode lasted just as long as it took me to realize dying on that rhetorical hill was not worth the effort. She did have a point.

    Barra de Navidad looks as if it was built to lure tourists. THat is true. It was. But, then, so does Cancun or San Miguel de Allende or, to my earlier point on irony, Ajijic.

    You can continue reading and subscribe to his blog at mexpatriate — in the key of steve: squaring things up. More #mexpatriate.

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