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    Starting Friday, AfroAllende will be offering authentic Ethiopian food for delivery and catering special events. We're eager to do some pop-up restaurants, too! Our menu includes spicy and mild dishes made the traditional style. We have a few meat-based items, but most of our menu is vegetarian/vegan. All meals can be provided gluten-free by substituting injera (Ethiopian bread) for rice. Delivery will be available via comidomisma.com.

    Our Facebook page is facebook.com/afroallende/ and our website is afroallende.com.

    We welcome any questions and are available to cater your special event!
  • Glenn Wilson
    Good luck on your first day!
  • Glenn Wilson
    We just ordered and ate some food from Comida AfroAllende via ComiDomi!

    I'm not what you would call an adventurous eater. Ethiopian? Wat? I think this is the first time I've tried Ethiopian food.

    The two of us shared one two-item meal deal. We went with the green lentils and the beets. The meal deal came with bread and salad.

    The lentils were good. The beets were superb -- really exquisite spices. Maybe the best tasting beets I've ever had.

    The salad was simple but good. The bread (injera) was spongy and ... different, for me (see not an "adventurous" eater above). But, I came to like it and enjoyed eating all of it.

    We also got an order of the stuffed jalapeƱo peppers. Very good and not too picante.

    In the future, we would probably get the four-item meal deal to serve two or three people.

    Bottom line: Some fantastic food! Great first day. Yes, we'll try it again.

    Thanks for letting us know about your opening today and please feel free to comment on my comments to your post.
  • AfroAllende
    Thank you so much for your candid review. Ethiopian food is definitely different from most other cuisines! If you can handle "picante," I suggest trying the red lentils (vegan) or chicken stew next time along with perhaps the potatoes and carrots -- all have unique flavors but the spicy dishes are the next step in your adventure to really get a taste of Ethiopia! We greatly appreciate your support and willingness to step into a culinary adventure outside of your comfort zone. :)
  • Glenn Wilson
    Finding the right wine for Ethiopian spice
    Ethiopians have for centuries made a honey wine known as tej. You can sometimes find this meadlike beverage for sale at some Ethiopian restaurants. Or, you could try a mead made domestically.

    For most diners looking for that Ethiopian meal out at a restaurant or for takeout, the drink of choice most likely will be beer or a grape-based wine.

    The question is: What sort of wine to pour with Ethiopia's highly seasoned meat and vegetable dishes, most of which are served on rounds of injera, the tart Ethiopian flat bread made from teff flour.
    Finding the right wine for Ethiopian spice.

    Personally, I think a Malbec or a California Zin can stand well up to the spices. Or, maybe a dark beer. We happened to have an Argentine Malbec and that worked well tonight with our second order from Comida AfroAllende.

    This time we tried some more dishes including the spicy potatoes and carrots (very spicy) and the red lentils (spicy). We also did a repeat of the green lentils and the beets. The salad was simple and fresh. The food was all fun! Ethiopian is still new for us.

    If you like Ethiopian food or want a food adventure it is definitely worth a try.

    Great job on the menu updates. The portion sizes were better explained and we ordered the "Date Night (for two) with up to four items, salad, and injera". It is a generous amount for two people. The packaging is improved from our previous order (the first night in operation for delivery).
  • AfroAllende
    Hahaha! Zin is my absolute favorite and I'm drinking a malbec right now as I eat my salad spiced with mitmita (my favorite Ethiopian spice which is now used to spice up the potato and cabbage dishes). Thank you for your feedback on the menu updates. I didn't even realize that order was going out to you today or I would have included our new dessert for you to try! We also appreciate your feedback about the portion sizes and the packaging. We've really been listening to feedback and fine-tuning our operations. I hope it all provided for an enjoyable meal!
  • Glenn Wilson
    ComiDomi delivery has shut down.

    But, I see that AfroAllende now allows you to order on their Facebook page and on their website.
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