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    You can be sure that San Miguel is returning to normal when the music is live, the Jardin is open and groups of tourists will once more gather early to ensure their spots on the top rated Historical Walking Tours from Patronato Pro Niños! Visitors to San Miguel can feel good knowing that their donations are going to a well established local NGO and that they are getting a top rated tour of our beautiful city and it’s glorious past. These iconic Tours are truly a win/win!

    Says Nory Contractor, Executive Director of Pro Niños: “Our Tours are so important to us and to our many volunteers who make them possible. When the pandemic forced us to close them, everyone suddenly realized that they were also an important part of life in San Miguel, adding excitement and life to the downtown core. We are so thrilled to have them back!”

    Your volunteer guide will be Dali Amaro, who is bilingual and a fully certified Mexican Federal Tourism Secretary (Sectur) Guide: he brings over 10 years of guiding experience, and is a native son of San Miguel. Tours are given in English. Dali says “I have really enjoyed volunteering with Pro Niños by leading pre-booked private tours during these challenging months, but I am so excited to be able to continue our tradition of regular morning walks that leave from the Jardín 3 days a week, with no reservations required”.  

    Tours are offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday, starting at 10:00 am: we gather in the Jardin in front of the Parroquia at around 9:30. You will be walking for about 2.5 hours, primarily outdoors on the charming cobblestone streets of downtown San Miguel. You will be expected to wear a mask, so please bring one. As Dali is limited to a group of 10 to 20, the tours will be on a first come first served basis, but we hope to accommodate any extras at another time or date. Your donation of 300pp will gratefully be taken onsite.

    Learn more about our Tours by visiting Historicalwalkingtour.org . This website, dedicated to the Tours, was relaunched in April of this year with new, up to date features like a Chat function, and brief highlight videos. Alix Nicoll, Board Liaison for the Walking Tours enthuses: “We offer just a taste of the Tour through three short but informative presentations about San Miguel’s past. And some of the arial photography of these locations is just spectacular”. Your enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteers are Peggy Jones (Las Monjas), Patrick Greene (Casa des la Conspiración) and Tim Hawkins (Plaza Civica).

    For 50 years, Patronato Pro Niños, a Mexican non profit organization has been providing necessary medical, dental and psychological care to the children of families who cannot afford to provide it for them.  Even during the pandemic, in 2020 we provided services to 4200 children or 8108 consultations. Go to www.patronatoproninos.org for more information or to donate. For Private Tours, arranged at your convenience, including choice of day and time, please contact the Private Tour Coordinator at or call 415 152 7796.
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    Reminder: This is happening starting Monday July 12.
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