• Glenn Wilson
    Update September 27, 2019: Added La Frontera.

    Here are my favorite Veggie Burgers in SMA. I consider them to be Vegan-ish, meaning vegan, more or less. They contain no animal products of any kind, so far as I know, But, I have not investigated closely. I would not be surprised if some were prepared in equipment that is also used to prepare meat. And, the buns may or may not be vegan.

    These were tasted with either a vegan cheese or no cheese. There are many Veggie Burgers in SMA and I have not gotten around to trying them all. Please leave comments for any suggestions of Veggie Burgers I should try.

    What do I mean by "Best?" Simple. I like it the most. The overall taste and experience. It does not mean tastes the most like a meat-based burger. Everyone of these I have had at least twice and am happy to have them again -- all of these are good. But, some are better than others, in my opinion.

    The Restaurants (in date order of our original reviews):
    The Restaurant

    RubyJoy's Delivery Only Restaurant
    Update: Ruby took pity on my photo and sent me this:

    Cafe Arabella (no burger pic)

    Birdie's Burgers

    Hecho en México

    Vía Orgánica

    Casa Colectiva

    La Frontera
    (I have not yet done a full post on La Frontera; the La Frontera links are to Google Maps.)

    The Best Dine in Veggie Burger
    Hecho en México
    Honorable Mention: La Frontera.

    Best Delivered Veggie Burger
    RubyJoy's Delivery Only Restaurant
    Honorable Mentions: Birdie's Burgers (but ComiDomi delivery has shut down), La Frontera (call them for delivery).

    Best Veggie Burger and Vegan "Ice Cream" Combo
    Want some vegan ice cream with that veggie burger? Vegan and real ice cream made fresh right there.
    Cafe Arabella

    Best Veggie Burger and Winelist Combo
    Want to select from a nice wine list to go with your veggie burger or do you want a "fine dining" environment to enjoy your veggie burger in?
    The Restaurant

    *** Overall Winner ***
    RubyJoy's Delivery Only Restaurant
    RubyJoy's Classic Black Bean and Sweet Potato Veggie Burger is the best veggie burger I have ever had, anywhere, ever. It is delicious. Patty, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, avocado, almond spread and brown mustard. Your choice of cheddar or goat cheese (I skip the cheese). She also has a WhataVeggieBurger version with sauteed mushrooms, onions and garlic, etc. that I have never tried.

    More #RubyJoys.

    More in the category Restaurants.

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  • Glenn Wilson
    At the beginning of September, I got a note that said: "La Frontera has the best veggie burger! ... And I’m not vegetarian!" and I promised to give them a try.

    We ate there about two weeks ago and have since tried their veggie burger delivered. The patty is made from quinoa, black bean, onion, red pepper and spinach.

    I added the La Frontera Veggie Burger to the Best Veggie Burger in SMA post above.
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