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    August 30, 2019:
    • Las Fiestas Patrias de San Miguel,
    • Animal Poisoning in San Miguel,
    • The 'Gringa Dog Killer',
    • Thefts continue on the Comonfort-Celaya Highway,
    • Criminals install fake checkpoint to rob motorists in Tamaulipas,
    • Hurricane Dorian days away and could be a monster storm by landfall,
    • Facebook ditches 'It’s free and always will be',
    • Banana Dog.

    Las Fiestas Patrias de San Miguel
    Presentation of the National Holidays in San Miguel de Allende. The TRI, La Trakalosa, Saúl “El Jaguar”, Gerardo Ortiz, Banda El Recodo, The Cardinals of Nuevo León, Banda Machos, Mi Banda El Mexicano and even the memory with artists of remembrance such as Hidden Faces and Laureano Brizuela, are part of what will be the National Holidays of ...

    (Click the link below for the schedule of events from Sept 15 - Oct 6).
    The TRI, El Recodo, Gerardo Ortiz, La Sonora Dinamita and Hidden Faces for remembrance, at las Fiestas Patrias de San Miguel (sp).

    Animal Poisoning in San Miguel
    Recently, there has been a lot of discussion regarding the poisoning of animals here in San Miguel. Some have asserted that someone is poisoning food and giving it to or leaving it for animals to find. Others have mentioned that someone is feeding dogs being walked with poisoned treats or kibble and warn owners to beware and warn their dog walkers. Still other claims have been made online regarding activities alleged to be taking place in San Antonio or Centro.

    In the 2017 article by Atención, the case against Susan Jones, who used a pseudonym Norah Hodge (source: complaint labeled as folio 68725, Folder 25370), was described. Jones has been described as a tall, 6ft, thin blonde with straight, shoulder length hair, striking cheek bones, and a thinnish face. Now called by the neighbors “La Mataperros,” (the dog killer), poisoned some twenty animals, 10 of which died. This woman was found guilty in one of the cases and was punished by the authorities. The judiciary found Susan Jones guilty for the death of the three pets. She had to pay a fine of 1,915 pesos (about $100) and also offer apologies to the affected. The process concluded because the defendant decided to grant her forgiveness.
    Animal Poisoning in San Miguel.

    The 'Gringa Dog Killer'
    A few days ago on social networks, they denounced that a woman of foreign origin who was apparently identified as Susan G. Jones, is considered a “danger” to San Miguel families who have pets and live near their home , then throws meat with poison at the animals because "it bothers them that they bark."
    The 'Gringa Dog Killer' has several complaints in the Prosecutor's Office.

    Thefts continue on the Comonfort-Celaya Highway
    Through social networks, at least 3 assaults with violence have been disseminated during the last week on the Comonfort Road to Celaya, in at least two cases, those responsible were traveling in a white van.
    Thefts continue on the Comonfort-Celaya Highway (sp).

    Criminals install fake checkpoint to rob motorists in Tamaulipas
    The armed group forced motorists to pull over so that they could review their belongings and strip them of their personal possessions.

    At least eight suspected criminals installed a fake checkpoint to rob all motorists and tractor trailer drivers that were traveling along the highway in Reynosa, Tamaulipas.
    Criminals install fake checkpoint to rob motorists in Tamaulipas.

    Hurricane Dorian is days away from striking Florida and could be a monster storm by landfall
    All of Florida is under a state of emergency and authorities are urging residents to stockpile a week's worth of food and supplies as Hurricane Dorian gathers strength and aims to slam the state as soon as Monday as a Category 4 storm.

    "If you're anywhere on that east coast of Florida, you want to have food, water, medicine for up to seven days," Gov. Ron DeSantis said Thursday.
    Hurricane Dorian is days away from striking Florida and could be a monster storm by landfall.

    Facebook quietly ditched the 'It’s free and always will be' slogan from its homepage
    Facebook has quietly changed the slogan on its homepage encouraging people to signup.

    The tagline has been changed from “It’s free and always will be” to “It’s quick and easy” — ditching, for the first time in more than a decade, a reference to the fact that it costs nothing to become a user.
    Facebook quietly ditched the 'It’s free and always will be' slogan from its homepage.

    Banana Dog

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