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    Bonnie Lee Black wrote: Some years ago, when moving to Mexico was merely a twinkle in my eye, I turned to books for guidance. Books have always been my go-to’s for all things life-decisions-related. You can count on a good book — one that’s been carefully researched and written, edited and fact-checked — to be a solid source of info, I’ve found. Friends and acquaintances might give their opinions, which, of course, I value. But for me, books have the last word on most decisive issues.

    While I was still living in Taos and teaching at the University of New Mexico branch there but gradually planning for retirement, I researched books on the subject of retiring in Mexico and ordered five from Amazon. Each of my chosen books spoke to me, in different ways, and each contributed to my informed decision to retire here: a decision I’ve never for one moment regretted making.

    New York Times’ best-selling author Tony Cohan’s classic On Mexican Time: A New Life in San Miguel (published in 2001), was the first of those five I read. This evocatively written memoir tells the story of how he and his then-wife came to SMA from Los Angeles for a visit, quickly absorbed the town’s sensual ambiance, eventually found and refurbished a crumbling 250-year-old house, and became entwined in the daily drama of Mexican life. ...

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