• Glenn Wilson
    Saturdays 11 am to 1 pm. Beginner to master. English y español.
    Interested in Teaching Chess to School Children?
    We are looking for chess players that are interested in helping to enrich the lives of local children by volunteering to help them learn chess! For more info contact Glenn Wilson at .
    We'll be playing chess in the courtyard at:
    Cafe Murmullo
    Ancha de San Antonio 24
    Zona Central
    San Miguel de Allende
    (In the Instituto Allende building. Their separate entrance is about 50 feet south from the intersection of Ancha de San Antonio and Orizaba.)
    Google Maps
    Cafe Murmullo

    Beginners and players of all levels and ages welcome. Organized by Glenn Wilson, a United States Chess Federation master / expert rated player.

    Free printed copies of one of
    • 1a. Ajedrez: Las reglas del juego. (Español), or,
    • 1b. Chess: The rules of the game. (English)
    for everyone that shows up and wants one. Printed copies are while supplies last, but if we run out we will print more for next week.

    Also available electronically:
    • 1a. Ajedrez: Las reglas del juego. (Español), or,
    • 1b. Chess: The rules of the game. (English)
    • 2. Jaque mate y Ahogado / Checkmate and Stalemate. (Español and English)
    • 3a. Finales básicos 1: Jaque mate con Rey y Dama. (Español)
    • 3b. Basic Endgames 1: Checkmate with King and Queen. (English)
    • 4a. Tácticas Básicas 1 (Español)
    • 4b. Basic Tactics 1 (English)
    • 5. Jaque mate Progresión 1 / Checkmate Progression 1. (Español and English)
    • 6a. Finales básicos 2: Rey y peón contra rey. (Español)
    • 6b. Basic Endgames 2: King and pawn versus king. (English)
    (The numbers are a suggested order of study for a beginner.)
    Available electronically, for free, at ajedrezreglas.com. You are welcome to download them, print them, use them electronically and redistribute them.

    The 'organized' (well, semi-organized) event is from 11 am - 1 pm but you can start earlier or stay later.

    This is from the game Morphy-Jefferson, New York simul, 1859. The black king has just moved from f8 to g8. Morphy to move and checkmate in two moves.

    Paul Charles Morphy (June 22, 1837 – July 10, 1884) was an American chess player. He is considered to have been the greatest chess master of his era and an unofficial World Chess Champion.
    Paul Morphy
  • Reminder Bunny
    Reminder: This is happening Saturday March 18.
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