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    Learning Life Lessons about Life, Love and Loss: Sandra Cisneros in Conversation.

    Sandra Cisneros is the much awarded author of the classic coming-of-age novel, “The House on Mango Street”: this important work has sold over six million copies, been translated into over twenty languages, and is required reading in elementary, high school, and universities across the United States.

    She is also an essayist, poet and short story writer and received the National Medal of Arts from President Obama. In 2019 she won the prestigious PEN/Nabakov Award for International Literature. Just recently, the Chicago Literary Hall of Fame announced that the Mexican-American writer Sandra Cisneros was presented with the Fuller Award on Saturday, March 13, in recognition of her career as a writer, poet, and

    Born in Chicago to a Mexican father and Mexican-American mother in a family of 7 children, she has documented her own development from being a shy child who did not shine in school to becoming one of the most important Chicana writers of her generation. In an essay entitled "Only Daughter," she writes, "I am the only daughter in a family of six sons. That explains everything."

    Cisneros brilliantly explores gender expectations, adolescent insecurity and the love-hate relationships that undergird many families. In her essay 'An Ofrenda for My Mother', she writes "I became a writer thanks to my mother, who was unhappy being a mother." How ironic it is that as a child, this world-class writer thought books only lived in libraries. She had never seen a bookstore and didn't know that a person could buy a book. But every weekend, her aria-singing and long-suffering mother took Sandra and her six brothers to the public library where they could enjoy books. On Sundays, they went to museums in Chicago because that was the day when they could enter for free.

    In 2011 Cisneros was a keynote speaker at the San Miguel Writer's Conference and Literary Festival. She writes, "I've decided in advance I won't like San Miguel- too many ex-pats- and I am ashamed and surprised when I do."

    In fact, she liked it so much she moved to San Miguel in 2013 from San Antonio, Texas. One hundred years after her first ancestors travelled north to the U.S., Sandra reversed the journey and returned to Mexico and her Mexican roots. She writes, "Home is the place you become yourself." San Miguel is now lucky to have Cisneros as a resident, a thoroughly bi-cultural writer who has made thousands of her readers love Mexico.

    Sandra will be in conversation with Dr. Margarita Pignataro from the University of Wyoming. Dr. Pignataro has taught Cisneros's works in both Spanish and English at Syracuse University, Whitman College and at Wyoming and is thrilled to interview her.

    Funds raised will help pay staff for the mobile Medical-Dental Unit from Patronato Pro Niños which serves children in the rural communities of San Miguel de Allende. For over 50 years, Patronato Pro Niños, a Mexican non profit organization, has been providing necessary medical, dental and psychological care to the children of families who cannot afford to provide it for them.
    For more information and event access, go to Sandra Cisneros | Conversation | Event (patronatoproninos.org)

    When: May 25, 2021
    Time: 7 pm ET A Zoom Link will be provided. An audience Q&A will follow.
    Donation: Ticket Donations start at $35. Donations over $35 will receive a tax receipt for the allowable portion
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    Reminder: This is happening Tuesday May 25.
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