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    We're extremely excited to be able to present you the San Miguel premieres of two of the most expected films of the year: a heartwrenching and compassionate emotional journey in WAVES by acclaimed director Trey Edward Schults and an authentic horror tale based on the experience with Alzheimers' in RELIC. Due to the weather forecast, our outdoor screenings will be held on Thursday and Friday. Cinema for Kids inside the theatre on Thursday and Friday at 6:30pm DINO KING

    traces the epic emotional journey of a suburban African-American family—led by a well-intentioned but domineering father—as they navigate love, forgiveness and coming together in the aftermath of a loss. From acclaimed director Trey Edward Shults, Waves is a heartrending story about the universal capacity for compassion and growth even in the darkest of times.

    When family matriarch Edna goes missing, her daughter and granddaughter return home to find her. They discover a haunting presence hanging over the home, which is taking over Edna's mind.

    After a great celebration of Universal Childrens Day last week, we are even more excited about the great response of our youngest audiences and will be screening kid's programming inside the theater this Thursday and Friday at 6:30pm: DINO KING (in SPANISH without subtitles).

    JUEVES 13.5.
    6:30pm DINO KING- VIAJE A LA MONTAÑA DE FUEGO en la salita SPA w/o subtitles
    8:15pm WAVES outdoor screening ENG w SPA subtitles

    VIERNES 14.5.
    6:30pm DINO KING- VIAJE A LA MONTAÑA DE FUEGO en la salita SPA w/o subtitles
    8:15pm RELIC outdoor screening ENG w SPA subtitles

    Located inside Mezcal-Art on Calzada de la Estación 59 (next to Immigration offices), Compartimento Cinematográfico seeks to create a regular home for cinephiles in San Miguel de Allende and to celebrate cinema as a communal cultural experience on a weekly basis- a safe meeting point with all health precautions where audiences can enjoy access to curated programming and discover both contemporary Mexican cinema and foreign films that do not reach commercial theaters in the region.

    Tickets are 65MXN and we kindly ask you to reserve in advance.
    Limited capacity, obligatory use of face masks.

    We are trying to make all films understandable in both English and Spanish. For some of the international titles spoken in a third language, we might not be able to project both and give preference to Spanish subtitling. Please check in with us when in doubt :)

    Para reservaciones y más información:
    FB: compartimento cinematográfico
    IG: @compartimento_cinematográfico

  • Reminder Bunny
    Reminder: This is happening today Thursday May 13. and tomorrow Friday May 14.
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