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    ICYMI August 23, 2019:
    • What's Happening,
    • Stirling Dickinson Escuela de Arte Exhibit Now,
    • TOSMA Organic Market Aug 24,
    • Chess Saturday Aug 24,
    • School Starts Aug 26,
    • San Rafael Meet-Up Aug 29,
    • Fábrica La Aurora Art Walk Sep 7,
    • La Pulga Flea Market Sep 22,
    • Casita Linda presents Mysteries of the Orient Oct 16,
    • Street Closures / Road Work.

    What's Happening

    Stirling Dickinson Escuela de Arte art exhibit
    What: Stirling Dickinson Escuela de Arte art exhibit.
    Where: University of Guanajuato art gallery San Miguel campus.
    When: Grand opening was August 9. Exhibit continues through August 31.
    Stirling Dickinson Escuela de Arte art exhibit.

    TOSMA Organic Market
    The TOSMA market is located outside at Mercado Sano. Every Saturday 9 am - 4 pm.
    TOSMA Organic Market.

    Chess at Cafe Arab'ella Saturday
    What: Chess. Players of all levels are welcome; from complete beginners to experts.
    When: Every Saturday at Cafe Arab'ella from 9am - 11am.
    Where: Cafe Arab'ella.
    Chess at Cafe Arab'ella Saturday.

    School Starts
    School starts August 26.
    The 2019-2020 school year calendar.

    San Rafael Neighborhood Weekly Coffee Meet-Up
    What: Coffee / breakfast and conversation with your neighbors! Learn what's happening in 'our hood', where to source all kinds of things on this side of town and meet and make new friends!
    When: Every Thursday at 10 am.
    Where: Cafe Arab'ella.
    San Rafael Neighborhood Weekly Coffee Meet-Up.

    Fábrica La Aurora Art Walk Sep 7
    The first Saturday of every month Fábrica La Aurora hosts their open house and Art Walk.
    Fábrica La Aurora Art Walk

    La Pulga Flea Market Sep 22
    Sunday Sept 22, 11 am - 3 pm, Salón Los Pinos, Salida a Querétaro #145.
    Since 2011. Free admission.
    La Pulga Flea Market San Miguel.

    Casita Linda presents Mysteries of the Orient
    Please join us for the 8th annual Spirit of Hope Gala, Mysteries of the Orient, Wed. October 16 at the stunningly beautiful Hacienda los Arcangeles.
    Casita Linda presents Mysteries of the Orient

    Street Closures
    Corner of the Correo y Recreo
    IMPORTANT Thursday, August 22, SAPASMA will work as a replacement for the cover and the well of the visiting well located at the corner of the Correo y Recreo streets. Please schedule your transfer times and consider alternate routes. Thanks for your understanding.

    Closure of Calle Guadalupe Mujica
    The Municipal Government, through the Directorate of Infrastructure and Public Works in coordination with Municipal Transit, informs the population of the road alternatives due to the closure of Guadalupe Mujica Street in Benito Juárez Park for work in the Baeza Bridge. With all these improvements and actions in urban planning and infrastructure, they will allow San Miguel de Allende to reach the next level for the benefit of citizens.

    The actions that will be carried out in this area will be the restoration, de-development, removal of parts and the restructuring of the vaults of the arches of this bridge, so that the circulation of this section will be closed from this Monday, August 19 for more than 60 days until the end of the work.
    Work In The Bridge Of Baeza (Guadalupe Mujica Street) Begins With Total Closure Of The Street (sp).
    We continue working on the recovery and maintenance of our historical heritage. After 14 years we will recover our #ParqueJuárez . All together #SanMiguelDeLaGente !

    During the weeks of August and September, there will be partial and total closures in some roads, derived from the application of the “Maintenance and conservation of streets” program
    Monday 19 to 24 August
    Closing of streets:
    Street: Canal, stretch: Zacateros to Quebrada.
    Street: Zacateros Stretch: Canal a Umarán

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