• Schuster
    We are looking for a few volunteers to help test a new feature.

    We've just added SMA-Chat. You may see it as an option on the top menu bar or from the top left menu ("hamburger menu") on mobile.

    This is a Slack chat available to registered users of this web site. It is by invitation only. To get an invite click on my name or beautiful cat face or here: @Schuster then select "Send a Message" and say "I want a chat invite". You'll need to be signed in here to do that. I'll send you an invitation, but be patient, I am a cat and possibly napping.

    It will use the same email that you use here but you will need to login to Slack separately.

    If you are not familiar with Slack, here is some info. We are using the free version so not all of the features are available but it is still a very powerful group communication tool. I think it makes sense for users of this website and ex-pats in San Miguel de Allende in general. This is an experiment to find out.

    At the moment, it is pretty quiet because there are very few users. We hope that will change. But, for now, just a few users to try things out would be great.

    Please add your feedback and questions as comments to this post.

    More in Site Help and Feedback.

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  • Glenn Wilson
    Still looking for guinea pigs volunteers to try this out. You can message Schuster as described above or just leave a comment here if you are interested in checking it out.
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