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    Bonnie Lee Black wrote: It wasn’t my intention to join the line. Curiosity was my draw. I’d heard, as many of us here in San Miguel de Allende had, at the last minute, that first doses of the coronavirus vaccine would be administered in a number of locations over the course of three days, the first day being Friday, March 19th. And one of those places would be my favorite nearby park, Parque Zeferino, where I often go for walks anyway.

    So I walked there that Friday to see. Unlike other people, smarter than I, who had arrived at their chosen location before dawn (it was first-come, first-served, I learned), I moseyed over in late morning, after I’d met my self-imposed deadline of publishing that week’s new WOW post, “Seeing” (http://bonnieleeblack.com/blog/seeing/).

    What I saw was a single-file line that wrapped three-quarters of the way around the periphery of the vast park, outside of the park’s gates, with no terminus in sight. It appeared never-ending, forbidding.

    But I also saw, near the end of that line, an acquaintance named Sallie Kravetz, a photographer and poet active in the literary community here. ...

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