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    ICYMI August 15, 2019:
    • What's Happening,
    • Mexican Cinema Day Aug 15,
    • Stirling Dickinson Escuela de Arte Exhibit,
    • San Rafael Meet-Up,
    • Chess Saturday,
    • La Pulga Flea Market,
    • Santuario Felino Rey Ashoka Thematic Evening,
    • Water outage,
    • Street Closures.

    What's Happening

    National Day of Mexican Cinema 2019 August 15
    #Entérate @NetflixLAT joins @imcine and will host a commemorative selection to the National Day of Mexican Cinema The Celebration of Mexican Cinema collection will feature 20 films. Meet other activities and the 100 locations throughout the country.
    August 15 is the National Day of Mexican Cinema and the Ministry of Culture, through the Mexican Institute of Cinematography ( Imcine ), celebrates it with a powerful cultural circuit of more than 90 independent exhibition venues throughout the country projecting for free about 60 Mexican films of recent production.
    National Day of Mexican Cinema 2019 (sp).
    Also: Netflix will Celebrate Mexican Cinema Day.

    Stirling Dickinson Escuela de Arte art exhibit
    What: Stirling Dickinson Escuela de Arte art exhibit.
    Where: University of Guanajuato art gallery San Miguel campus.
    When: Grand opening was August 9. Exhibit continues through August 31.
    Stirling Dickinson Escuela de Arte art exhibit.

    San Rafael Neighborhood Weekly Coffee Meet-Up
    What: Coffee / breakfast and conversation with your neighbors! Learn what's happening in 'our hood', where to source all kinds of things on this side of town and meet and make new friends!
    When: Every Thursday at 10 am.
    Where: Cafe Arab'ella.
    San Rafael Neighborhood Weekly Coffee Meet-Up.

    Chess at Cafe Arab'ella Saturday
    What: Chess. Players of all levels are welcome; from complete beginners to experts.
    When: Every Saturday at Cafe Arab'ella from 9am - 11am.
    Where: Cafe Arab'ella.
    Chess at Cafe Arab'ella Saturday.

    La Pulga Flea Market August 18
    Sunday July 18, 11 am - 3 pm, Salón Los Pinos, Salida a Querétaro #145.
    Since 2011. Free admission.
    La Pulga Flea Market San Miguel.

    Thematic Evening, Santuario Felino Rey Ashoka, A.C. August 22nd
    “Thematic Evening” Fundraiser for Santuario Felino Rey Ashoka, A.C.
    Thursday August 22nd, 5 to 8pm Aldama 9, (former Posada Corazon)
    Dinner and Lecture MX$700
    Benefits go to fill the needs of the cats at Santuario Felino Rey Ashoka, A.C.’s 2 facilities
    Thematic Evening, Santuario Felino Rey Ashoka, A.C..

    Water outage
    Possibly continuing?
    #AVISO IMPORTANT: Neighbors from the Centro zone, it is reported that work is being done to repair the leak in the main driving line. For this reason there is a lack of water.

    Street Closures
    During the weeks of August and September, there will be partial and total closures in some roads, derived from the application of the “Maintenance and conservation of streets” program

    Monday 12 to August 17 CLOSURE OF STREETS: Street: Hernández Macías, section: Mesones a Canal. Street: Canal, section: Hernández Macías to Zacateros. Rehabilitation work in the drinking water network and tap replacement.

    The Municipal Government, through the Directorate of Infrastructure and Public Works, informs the public that due to the remodeling work carried out at the Obraje Bridge (next to the Vasconcelos school) , which involve the regeneration of sidewalks and railings, the vehicular stream, the integration of LED type luminaires and quarry columns; vehicular traffic (cars, public transport, motorcycles, bicycles, vans) will be kept completely closed.

    It should be mentioned that, only, pedestrians and people with disabilities may transit, and for the knowledge of the population the following road alternatives are provided for people who live or have a business in that area:
    • Calzada de la Luz
    • Calzada de la Presa
    • Calzada de la Aurora
    • Camino al Obraje
    The works have been developed since Saturday, August 9 and are expected to conclude on Monday, August 19.


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