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    August 13, 2019:
    • $280 million allocated to La Cieneguita Bridge and El Pípila Glorieta,
    • Simone Biles Smashes Records,
    • Not Closed, Not Extorted,
    • Risks for Mexico’s Public Transport Workers,
    • The logic of the mad,
    • Ajijic’s Regata de Globos,
    • SAT seizes 10% of profits to Interjet for tax debts,
    • Signal inhibitor in CEFERESO affects neighbors,
    • Practicing for St. Michael’s,
    • The oldest book written in the American Continent Is a Maya guide to Astronomy.

    #AVISO IMPORTANT: Neighbors from the Centro zone, it is reported that work is being done to repair the leak in the main driving line. For this reason there is a lack of water.

    $ 280 million is allocated to San Miguel de Allende to build bridges in La Cieneguita and El Pípila
    There are 280 million pesos that the Consultative Council for the Follow-up and Application of Payroll Tax will allocate to San Miguel deAndende for the creation of two important projects: the construction of the Cieneguita bridge and the depressed bridge of the Glorieta del Pipilla.
    $ 280 million is allocated to San Miguel de Allende to build bridges in La Cieneguita and depressed El Pípila (sp).

    Simone Biles Smashes Records
    On Saturday at the 2019 U.S. Gymnastics Championship in Kansas City, Missouri, the five-time Olympic medalist made history, becoming the first gymnast to land a double-twisting, double somersault dismount from the balance beam in a match.

    She did herself one better on Sunday, becoming the first woman to perfect the triple-twist, double-flip move in her first pass on floor.

    Simone Biles Smashes Records, Drives Fans Wild With Triple-Double During Floor Exercise.

    Not Closed, Not Extorted
    "Through a statement, La Coronela, La 21 Única and Los Milagros bars in #SanMigueldeAllende They say that they ARE NOT CLOSED and that nobody has extorted them but that if they know of someone who does, they will report it immediately @franciscozea @Notimex"

    Risks for Mexico’s Public Transport Workers Growing in 2019
    Two public transport vehicles were robbed and then set ablaze in Mexico City due to the failure of workers to pay extortion fees, illustrating how public transport workers and their passengers are on the frontlines of extortion-related violence in Mexico.

    On August 1, Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum announced that criminal groups were extorting the city’s public transportation workers, Milenio reported.

    The same day, the state’s attorney general declared that investigators had identified two criminal groups responsible for extorting, robbing and burning buses, according to Excelsior. The first group is led by Miguel Ángel N, alias “El Monterrey,” who reportedly has a history of extorting and killing bus drivers. The second unnamed group is said to attack buses entering the capital from neighboring Mexico State.
    Risks for Mexico’s Public Transport Workers Growing in 2019.

    The logic of the mad
    The artist is undoubtedly mad -- or, at least, mentally tormented.

    His name is Jorge. Most of us know him as the disheveled young man who wanders the streets of Barra de Navidad in search of work -- machete in hand and a middle distance stare that sees what the rest of us miss. Or maybe what he sees is simply not there in our restricted frame of reference.

    We compliment ourselves by labeling what we see as reality. Jorge sees something different.
    mexpatriate — in the key of steve the logic of the mad. More #mexpatriate.

    Ajijic’s Regata de Globos

    This annual hot air balloon event using paper lanterns has been held every September since the 1960s.

    Families and businesses spend up to a couple weeks preparing hot air balloons made from colorful paper, in shapes and characters that sometimes reach several stories high.

    It’s a fun family event that’s highly anticipated and sometimes more than a little dangerous ...
    Ajijic’s Regata de Globos.

    SAT seizes 10% of profits to Interjet for tax debts
    The Tax Administration Service (SAT) seized the Interjet airline and appointed an intervener “charged to the cashier”, as part of an intervention procedure for the payment of tax debts generated between 2013 and 2017.

    On June 27, the Decentralized Collection Administrator decreed the procedure and ordered the intervener to withhold 10% of all Interjet income to cover the payment of pending taxes.
    SAT seizes 10% of profits to Interjet for tax debts (sp).
    See also: Interjet obtained definitive suspension against debt with the SAT and avoided the embargo (sp).

    Signal inhibitor in CEFERESO affects neighbors, ask for support
    Neighbors of the upper part of San Miguel de Allende have denounced for several weeks that they are suffering from the lack of signal in equipment of all the companies, they reproach the responsibility is of an antenna placed in the CEFERESO and of the C4.

    Colonies such as Infonavit La Luz, Insurgentes, Itzquinapan, Landeta, Valle del Maíz, La Luciérnaga, Jardines and some communities in the area have suffered from a lack of signal on their cellular equipment since the last days of June.

    In a consultation with the Telcel company, they said they had no problems in their signal, they argued their reports point out that a signal inhibitor was recently installed in the CEFERESO as well as in C4 an antenna was placed to avoid recording the Public Security actions of the Municipality.
    Signal inhibitor in CEFERESO affects neighbors, ask for support (sp).

    Practicing for St. Michael’s
    Rehearsal for the festivities of St. Michael’s feast day which comes up in late September, have started in SMA . The rehearsal procession is itself long and fascinating laced with symbolism, including the dead, Jesus’ crucifixion buddy and a bullish master of ceremonies, who was not long for this world either.

    The procession starts near the bus station in the neighborhood of Las Cuevitas (the caves). There the indigenous dancers and mojigangas (large paper mache puppets) started their trek. They danced up to the church of St. Michael’s (la Parroquia). Dancing is how the indigenous pray and they did so at the cross left behind by the Jesuits when they were forced to flee Mexico in 1767.
    Practicing for St. Michael’s.

    The oldest book written in the American Continent Is a Maya guide to Astronomy
    The Grolier Codex sometimes referred to as the “Sáenz Codex” or the “Maya Codex of Mexico” is a screenfold book fashioned from bark paper, coated with stucco on both sides and painted on one side. Ten painted pages survive of a twenty-page book; formerly there were judged to be eleven pages but two fragments are now considered to come from the same page.

    The lower portions of the pages are badly damaged by moisture, eroding and staining bottom of each page. The greatest height of any of the surviving page fragments is 18 centimetres (7.1 in) and the average page width is 12.5 centimetres (4.9 in).

    Several of the pages (pages 4–6) are still attached to each other, The lost pages would have been the first eight and the last two.
    The oldest book written in the American Continent Is a Maya guide to Astronomy.

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